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  1. Betterisgood

    Walking the coastal way this June-July

    Hi Josh, You could walk the coastal then the central or the other way around. Or take a bus to Coimbra and start from there, or any where south of Porto depending on your personal pace. Then again you could just enjoy Porto and the sweet wine!! You will have no problem filling the extra days...
  2. Betterisgood

    Favorite Sunrise or sunset photos from your Camino

    March 11, 2020 Day that ended up being my last on the Norte moon setting over Getaria in front of me Peaking sunlight behind me Above "is that you"? Yes!! Good morning sun!!! Good bye sun....Good bye camino...over Deba Buen Camino, MaryEllen
  3. Betterisgood

    Thoughts on our small release here in Spain

    Hello all, I must first thank everyone for continuing to post during this trying time, it has been a comfort and appreciated. I imagine difficult at times, writing about something we all miss and have no idea when we can enjoy again. I thought it was my turn.....this could ramble.....the posts I...
  4. Betterisgood

    COVID Anyone in Spain now have a guess on the planned opening of businesses again?

    Hello, I live in A Coruña. Things go week by week here in Spain. Our good news this week is that they are going to figure out a way to let kids be outside for a limited time starting the 27th, then after May 10 we will start a very slow march to a new normal. I don’t think my family in the USA...
  5. Betterisgood

    COVID Spain eases restrictions

    Hi all, I live in Spain and all my family in the USA keep asking me about Spain easing up restrictions and this is not quite the truth. We are in week 5 of what for now is a 6 week state of emergency Weeks 3-4 the economy was put in 'hibernation' this took advantage of the Easter week holidays...
  6. Betterisgood

    Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia Message of hope

    Hi, Galicia has two full time orchestras, mine The Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia is is based in A Coruña. We played Beethoven 9 with Gustavo Dudamel in July of 2017 in front of the cathedral. The Real Filharmonía de Galicia is based in Santiago, chances are this is the Orquesta you heard. Thanks...
  7. Betterisgood

    Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia Message of hope

    Hello all, My orchestra recorded Elgar's Nimrod from our homes for our community in quarantine. I thought my fellow pilgrim community would also enjoy. Here is a link to the article in La Opinión: https://www.laopinioncoruna.es/coruna/2020/03/26/coronavirus-coruna--nimrod-rebelde/1489295.html...
  8. Betterisgood

    Introverts and Extroverts in the time of COVID

    Hello, A friend of mine who is an extrovert by nature was having trouble relating to her very 'shy’ daughter, she educated herself in order to help her daughter, I benefited from her research. What she learned was that extrovert/introvert is not the same as shy/outgoing, anyone can be a...
  9. Betterisgood

    Introverts and Extroverts in the time of COVID

    Hello, We are 5 here in quarantine in A Coruña, 4 of us are introverts but my youngest (15) is an extreme extrovert and she is having an awful time with this, so that means her parents as well.... But we march on, it has to end sometime. Here is a short video of a concert my husband and I played...
  10. Betterisgood

    COVID COVID-19 — It is time to postpone your camino.

    A new article en el país, in Spanish http://elpais.com/Comentario/1584445253-08bbe7803bc66588a7e61955c4fd976c Moderators please move the link if there is a better place. And as always Thank You!!
  11. Betterisgood

    COVID A Plea to Stay Home

    Hi, Maybe we are getting a little off topic, the original post was meant to ask those who want to go on a camino but can no longer come to Spain due to the state of emergency and are looking to other countries to walk, as a plea to stay 'home' meaning your, town country, state, in this time of...
  12. Betterisgood

    COVID A Plea to Stay Home

    Hi, These days it is incredible to see the selflessness of so many.....then the incredible selfishness.....we are all in this together. Have your Camino inside your home. It is why we have come to need the government to tell us we can't go outside. My family went into self-quarantine on...
  13. Betterisgood

    COVID When can we walk again? (March 2020 version)

    Hello, As I've written on other threads Wednesday I decided to leave my short 7 day camino after 3 days. My son and I were due to walk together during semana santa, this is canceled. My son has been planning for a year to walk the french with his friends this summer, today he said 'I guess this...
  14. Betterisgood

    COVID Cherish the elders

    I agree This is why I decided to leave on Wednesday night lying below a coughing pilgrim, and why I haven't left my home since I got here Thursday, I realized that sick or not sick all my efforts to wash my hands would not keep the locals safe. I did not know just how bad it would get so fast...