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Jul 27, 2017 at 9:45 PM
Feb 19, 2016
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September 26
Southern Oregon

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Veteran Member, Female, from Southern Oregon

Donating Member

Dreaming of my next Camino Nov 26, 2016

trecile was last seen:
Jul 27, 2017 at 9:45 PM
    1. Mal Oso
      Mal Oso
      Another Oregonian! And a Camino veteran. We are planning a VDLP walk and any insights for walking in Spain you could share would be greatly appreciated.
    2. Cathryn
      Hi Trecile

      I read your post about taking Spanish at IH Barcelona. This fall I'm planning to do my second Camino and would like to learn more Spanish beforehand; I would really appreciate any additional information you could provide.
    3. Cathy K.
      Cathy K.
      Thanks, trecile, for the umbrella info. Haven't seen anyone who's using it, When I was on the trail. I sweat with hat on , so first thing I sed is my hat. Seen the web site and interesting, will see. CathyK.
    4. Crpkathy
      Hi. Awesome that you walked in a merino wool dress. I am a big fan of hiking in skirts. What did you do on the Camino when it was raining?
    5. trecile
      Dreaming of my next Camino
      1. HalfDomeOrBust likes this.
    6. loukitt
      thank you! sounds like a great plan!
    7. Greenpanda
      I came home at the beginning of June and I so want to go back. Northern Way for me next September. I know how you feel, Its quite normal, most of my Camino family feel the same.
    8. Roberto Mitelpunkt
      Roberto Mitelpunkt
      Hi Trecile I'll be walking el Camino de Invierno from 20/10 till 4/11.
      Are you still walking? Do you know this part?
      Thank yOu, Roberto
    9. purplesage
      you seem full of positive energy. Buen Camino. May the light be your guide and the Holy Spirit show you The Way. Caesar
      1. trecile likes this.
    10. trecile
      Pilgramage: the course of life on earth
    11. Mario Hussein
      Mario Hussein
      Hi Trecile. Buen Camino. I'll be doing my 5 th Camino Frances this September. By the way, FREESPIRIT mentioned about booking albergues. This can only be done with the private ones. The public albergues, which are much cheaper and where you will find the true Camino spirit function on a first come, first serve basis.
      1. Greenpanda and trecile like this.
    12. Toth Edith
      Toth Edith
      I was in 2013th It was nice and exciting, especially the last night in Finisterra.
      1. trecile likes this.
    13. freespirit
      Hi trecile the Camino has been on my mind this last few weeks ,so I will be going back this year, I cannot wait till 2017,I have caught the Camino Bug,
      to all fellow Pilgrims out there, may see you on the road.
      1. Greenpanda and trecile like this.
    14. freespirit
      Hi Trecile good luck on your first Camino,I am going back in 2017 for a third time if all goes well,try and keep the back pac weight down to 10 kg or less,and try to book in advance for Albergues if you can,
      as there will be plenty of pilgrims this year ,as its a year of mercy on the Camino, Buen camino,its a life changing trip,,
      1. trecile likes this.
      2. trecile
        Don't worry, I don't intend to carry more than 6 - 7 kg!
        May 1, 2016
    15. trecile
      I'm going to do this!
    16. trecile
      I want to do this!!
      1. Ryan Alexander and Mario Hussein like this.
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    September 26
    Southern Oregon
    Camino(s) past & future:
    Camino Frances August - September(2016)
    July - August (2017) - Camino Frances to Leon, Salvador to Oviedo, Primitivo to Santiago and beyond...


    Pilgrimage: the course of life on Earth
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