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  1. Consigliere

    Spirituality, theft and staying aware on the Camino - from a current pilgrim

    So this is my second Camino. And again it's bringing me a new level of gifts & wonderful people to learn from. But to be honest it's much busier than in 2013, and I've noticed that some pilgrims seem to focus much more on their own "spiritual" journey, and much less on the practical issues...
  2. Consigliere

    For Aussies, wondering which credit/debit card/s to take on Camino

    Not too sure about Citibank... but just walked out of the ANZ and he looked at my ATM Savings Card (Chipped, Cirris etc...) and scrunched his face stating that I shouldn’t use it (leaving for Camino in three weeks). Too bad he didn’t tell me that in 2013 when my savings card was eaten up in...
  3. Consigliere

    The best hiking trousers...

    It’s just that comfort was a factor, Nosilife is slippery and kinda unnatural, whereas Basecamp (solar dry material) is a blend that is much more natural, and after a few hundred kilometres feels great, maintains a soft feeling. Dunno, I just like it much more, and I’ve tried them both.
  4. Consigliere

    The best hiking trousers...

    I may be a guy... but try Craghoppers (quickdry material - Basecamp - not nosilife). Same material and look as with the girls version. They tick all the boxes, last a lifetime, and feel fabulous. After hiking for 30 years I have to say they are my fave thus far.
  5. Consigliere

    Mental Health Issues

    I’d like to thank everyone for being so open on a somewhat difficult topic. All I can add is that my experience of the Camino is it lends to people being more open than usual (more so than many other holidays at least). The best balm for mental health issues is feeling open enough (if possible)...
  6. Consigliere

    Wanting to buy an Altus Poncho size M

    Judy, if your interested in a Black L/XL Altus, worn over 4 rainy days in 2013, and in fabulous condition (as new, no rips etc...) I’d be happy to sell for $50 + $20 AUD Shipping - total $56 US. Just PM me to arrange. I’m only 5’8” but I found a L/XL to be a better fit when accounting for...
  7. Consigliere

    Train travel from Paris to SJPP

    I just booked my tickets last week on the SNCF website for late April from Paris Airport to Bayonne. I got first class for only 3 euro more, total of 65 euro, not too sure how cheap that is, but I do believe it was cheaper than my first Camino. It’s an easy process, and they email the ticket...
  8. Consigliere

    Biarritz or Bayonne?

    I’ll be doing the same thing a few weeks earlier, flying into Paris and doing a train. After over 30 hours of travel Bayonne is my choice for a quiet nights rest before heading into SJ. It’s cheaper than Baritz... although saying that my hotel booking cost me a tad more than in ‘13. I like the...
  9. Consigliere

    Backpack fitting tips with update!

    My first thought is check with the professionals what you deem as “hips” vs. “waist”. A proper fitting pack sometimes feels like it’s sits on “the waist”. So check your shoulder fitting, it may be slipping onto your hips if it’s too loose. My best description is it sits ON the hip bones. Just a...
  10. Consigliere

    SNCF Sale on (Late January)

    I’m traveling late April if that helps. The 60 euro was for first class... only 3 euro extra so I thought I’d splurge. Seems like the sale was for any booking... it seemed anyway.
  11. Consigliere

    SNCF Sale on (Late January)

    Just thought I’d sent a friendly note to anyone who wants to book a train ticket in France. SNCF are having a sale atm (mid to late Jan 2018) not too sure how good it is overall, but I was lucky enough to get a train ticket for 60 euros from Paris to Bayonne. Buen Camino Pilgrims.
  12. Consigliere

    Packs that lessen pressure on shoulder

    I agree wholeheartedly, but if she has an injured shoulder, and wants to walk the Camino, it’s either try this or walk with only a waist pack - possibly paying to forward her main pack. Either way, the Camino calls, and a way can always be found to pursue it.
  13. Consigliere

    Packs that lessen pressure on shoulder

    The 80/20% rule generally means 80% to the waist, 20% to the shoulders. How each individual carries it can vary. Many do avoid, as much as is possible, weight on the shoulders. But primarily the reason for shoulder weight is to allow an even pack distribution, and allow the pack to be...
  14. Consigliere

    Packs that lessen pressure on shoulder

    Go to a good professional bushwalking store - explain the problem to them, and they should fit you with the right pack. For example Osprey have a pack that moulds to the hips. Ie. to correctly fit, they heat up the waistband and ask you to wear it around the store for 15min. This allows the...
  15. Consigliere

    Booking train tickets - is 'Trainline' ok to use?

    My advice is try the sncf website - put in dates just under 2 months in advance (as they do not book tickets prior to 2 months). This will give you an idea of the price. If I remember correctly my tickets in ‘13 were much cheaper. All I did was book & pay over the Net, get the boarding pass...

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