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Recent content by Dale

  1. Dale

    Blogging from Le Voie Du Puy

    Thank you and you are thought of very highly by your Irish friends at Ultreia.
  2. Dale

    Blogging from Le Voie Du Puy

    Hi everyone I've been walking the Le Puy route since late February and adding some photos to my flickr account and blogging whenever I get the chance, if you are interested checkout these links: Flickr Blog...
  3. Dale

    Route from St Jean to join Camino Del Norte at Irun

    This site has a map but not a very good one: And wiikipedia lists the town that you walk through...
  4. Dale

    And now for something completely different

    Did you read the same article, and to think I used to be in favor of free speech.
  5. Dale

    Happy Christmas to all .

    Merry Christmas, 圣诞快乐 ,Vrolijke Kerstmis ,Joyeux Noël ,Frohe Weihnachten ,Χαρούμενα Χριστούγεννα ,Buon Natale ,メリークリスマス ,즐거운 성탄 ,Feliz Natal ,С Рождеством Христовым ,Feliz Navidad. Wishing you all the very best of the Christmas Season and in the New Year. This link will take you to my...
  6. Dale


    I love your snow Ivar and I wish it was so gentle here. It is beautiful though I took this photo last Sunday while out trekking with my walking group the Pathfinders: :mrgreen:
  7. Dale

    rude spanish bar from camino

    I guess there is a rotten apple or two in every barrel, but when I walked the Frances in 2008 most of my bar experiences were very favorable. I did notice in several locations that preference was given to the local trade and pilgrims needed to wait until they were served. I don't interpret this...
  8. Dale

    Do we have to stop at a border crossing to show passport?

    The day that we crossed the Pyrenees from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port the weather was very poor with freezing rain at the top so we took the van ride with the backpacks that other braver pilgrims didn't want to carry. At the point where we crossed over into Spain the van was stopped by the Guardia...
  9. Dale

    Santiago Camera

    Well Ivar your's is working much better than the competition . Your's streams live and theirs jumps changing the scene every few seconds. Now members of the forum will have to start using your camera like they do the one at the Irache wine fountain, people call home on their mobiles and wave to...
  10. Dale

    Route from St Jean to join Camino Del Norte at Irun

    Thanks Janet. Keep us posted on your progress and Ultreia!! Your experience and opinions will be a great help in deciding which route to take. Dale
  11. Dale

    Route from St Jean to join Camino Del Norte at Irun

    Thanks I've wanted to ask this question too, plan to do the same next spring.
  12. Dale

    Backpack weight... too little or too much??

    Certainly looks reasonable to me. As a general rule of thumb 10% of your body weight should be your ideal pack weight including water and food items.But as light as you can make it is the best way. Make sure you buy some honey at Buckfast Abbey. :P
  13. Dale

    Albergues on the Norte/Primitivo - A Comprehensive List?

    Thanks Dave and Mark I'm sure I will be staying at several of them next year. :mrgreen:
  14. Dale

    Can I go backwards?

    I shared a room with a Dutch man who was walking the Francais backwards fortunately he was the happy go lucky type of person that nothing seems to bother. I think you should be aware that you will face a hassle daily if you plan to stay in Municipal albergues. We were in a private albergue and...
  15. Dale

    Albergues on the Norte/Primitivo - A Comprehensive List?

    Thanks Dave and Sil I've bookmarked all three of these websites. I plan to walk the Del Norte next year. I have a question for you Dave, you have a number of Youth Hostels listed are these open to anyone or do you require a membership or might there be an age restriction? I'll celebrate my 60th...