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Recent content by Dave W96

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    Hip Replacements

    Gerard, Having read your post I realize my problems are quite insignificant. I hope the use of CBD will relieve your pain. Best wishes Dave
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    Hip Replacements

    I am having a hip replaced in the next 4 weeks and hope to be able to walk again next May, any advice welcome.
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    Walking After hip Replacement

    It is great to hear all the positive remarks. I have a hip replacement coming up in a few weeks. Perhaps my wishful thinking of walking next spring might happen - assuming a good recovery. Thanks for the reassurance Buen Camino Dave
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    Backpack indecision help!

    I am only 83 so I do not have as much experience as others but I found the Lo Alpine 30 as a perfect pack big enough for a 6 week trip and the airzone means no sweaty back. Try it Buen camino
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    Advice on starting VdlP

    Hi Dodger, I would have replied quicker but I had a senior moment and forgot my password. We will be starting about the same time; I am sure we will meet somewhere along the route. You are bound to pass me as I go quite slowly. Buen Camino Dave
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    Newbie - setting off from Roncesvalles 2nd Sept

    Hi Angel Excited yes but no need to be nervous you will meet new friends on your way. I am walking a short one this year starting from Burgos on 14th September so may see you somewhere. Have a great time. Buen Camino
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    Advice on starting VdlP

    Thank you everybody for taking the time to respond to my request. I think that wraps it up, I will start immediately after Easter. Buen Camino and stay safe Dave
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    Advice on starting VdlP

    Hi Samarkand Thanks for the idea I will check it out. Dave
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    Advice on starting VdlP

    Thanks Kanga and Murraydv , I know everything depends on Covid and there may be more at Seville around Easter with its festivities. If things quieten down perhaps on the road a few days before Easter would be good.
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    Advice on starting VdlP

    I hope to walk the VdlP next year. Assuming no adverse problems should I start in March or delay until after Easter. My initial thoughts are for the later date as the route is not so popular and more albergues might be open in April. Any advice most welcome and thanks in advance. Dave W96 (...
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    Recent thoughts on walking in September during Covid

    To go or not has to be only your decision but do not get too stressed in the process. I am in the age group where my friends have started to fall off their perches. I feel I still have a couple of Caminos in the tank and with no apparent heath problems I consulted the family. My son a surgeon...
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    The Meseta is great once you have reached the top of"killer hill" I am sure you will love it. I will be with you all the way as I am thinking of walking from Burgos next month. Buen Camino
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    COVID Do you still feel like walking?

    All adventures have risks as does life itself. Do the risk assessment based on all the information available and then decide. At the present time I would stay at home but I now plan to go in September if the situation does not deteriorate.