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  1. easygoing

    Peregrinas, did you use your urination device on your camino?

    I understand how Annie feels, I used my go girl without problems several times but I never know when it's not going to have a good seal and after a wet pants I leave it at home. Besides squating in the bushes is good for my butt and my leg muscles. As for toilet paper I carry a half a bandana...
  2. easygoing

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    A question I have always wondered about is what's with all the people I see carrying their poles attached to their backpacks on the steep and rocky trails??? Poles can be heavy. But back to the original question--a simple solution: to make the tips last just use the poles when you need them...
  3. easygoing

    Thru Hikes v Camino - Motivations?

    I've been hiking all my life because I just love walking and the rhythm of walking is like a form of meditation that renews my mind. I am an experienced thru hiker-- I've hiked the Pacific Crest trail twice, the Arizona trail once, the wonderland trail 30 times and climbed Mt Rainer 20 times...
  4. easygoing

    Powder shampoo - this looks like it would be great for the Camino

    I like these pocket soaps from Sea to summit. They have several choices: shampoo, shaving, laundry and more. I bought them all and the ingredients are similar so one could get by with just the body wash for everything. Because this year's Camino was not to be I have only tried them at home...
  5. easygoing

    Women over 60 who DON'T take a sleeping bag...

    I've walked the Camino every year both in spring and fall. The first time I was 68 and the last time I was 74. I carry all my own belongings and find the lighter the backpack the more comfortable I am. I carry a silk liner and use a blanket from the albergue and if it's really cold which is...
  6. easygoing


    As for myself I find a great part of the fun of the Camino is gathering together the lightest and most versatile gear(everything must be able to be worn or used for at least one other purpose). And the 5 euros a day would add up quickly and buying a new shirt or socks along the way is cheaper...
  7. easygoing

    Thinking about sleeping mats This mattress is what this 74 year old thru hiker uses. Yes more expensive but light and compact. Before this mattress was invented I never slept through the night without waking up with hip...
  8. easygoing

    Band of Trudgers - Virtual Camino

    Who needs a tent? I just spread my silver emergency blanket out and sleep under the stars. Every virtual night is warm with a star filled sky. I saw a meteor shower last night.
  9. easygoing

    Band of Trudgers - Virtual Camino

    I started a walking buddies group but so far you are the only one to give me their member name. The member number also works. How was your night of camping last night? We wanted to make it to Foncebadon so we walked after dinner. Darn. We walked right past it but had a lovely view of Cruz de...
  10. easygoing

    Band of Trudgers - Virtual Camino

    Thanks Sue for your name. You are just a little ahead of me. we had to sleep out under the stars between St Jean and Roncesvalles but other days have managed to find some interesting little villages on our short days. And a virtual Camino gives you lots of leeway. We haven't had to take a taxi...
  11. easygoing

    Band of Trudgers - Virtual Camino

    I would love to create my group. What names are my fellow virtual Walker's using ? I added my picture to my name on the site. Maybe if you all did that I could pick you out. Thanks
  12. easygoing

    Band of Trudgers - Virtual Camino

    We walked from Leon to San Martin del Camino today along a trail in the pines of Washington. The sun was out and several people were very talkative just like the actual Camino. Tomorrow Astorga 🌻🍫 How do we form a neighbor's group? If you are more savy than I am please add Camino Sharon. Thanks
  13. easygoing

    How to walk a virtual camino in my local area and sync with Camino?

    I have the premium upgrade and it is worth it not to have all those ads popping up and ruining my Camino experience
  14. easygoing

    How to walk a virtual camino in my local area and sync with Camino?

    I also am on walking 4 fun as Camino Sharon. We are walking as I type to Leon. Can't wait. I wish the forum people would make a post on walking for fun, didn't realize so many people from the forum were walking with me. Buen Camino
  15. easygoing

    COVID I'm plummeting...

    Hola Chrissy, I felt the same way you did just two weeks ago. We were to leave May 13th to walk the Camino Norte with a friend from Spain. And then I discovered My husband and I are walking the Camino Frances and instead of just logging random number of...