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  1. Ernesto.IT

    Which Camino for my 80th year?

    Hi James Rome - Santiago would be the icing on the cake and also very much appreciated by Santiago (San Giacomo) or Sant James ;)
  2. Ernesto.IT

    Walking around Spain

    Yes, but you can do everything on time by bus
  3. Ernesto.IT

    How Do You End Your Camino

    When I arrive in Santiago, the next day, I always leave for Fisterra and end up in Muxia and there if I have some days left I spend them relaxing in the calm of the village ready to return to Santiago for my flight, with a light heart at the thought of having accomplished my pilgrimage. :)
  4. Ernesto.IT

    What food did you ENJOY on your Camino(s)?

    Hi Alex, for me you can't beat the morning café with a slice or two of tortilla. Buen camino😉:)
  5. Ernesto.IT

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    Hi everyone, I have and am using the tips savers that I have suggested, the same ones for more than 5000Km. I had to buy new ones, because in one of my walks (the fourth I think) passing a stretch of undergrowth full of mud due to the rain, slipping to the ground I fell bending on one of the...
  6. Ernesto.IT

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    They seem to belong to the same family, the ones I have indicated are still for sale on and if you buy the set of 4 at the moment on offer they will cost you 8 Euro + shipping costs which for me in Italy would have cost 2 Euros, too late for me because I bought 4 single ones paying...
  7. Ernesto.IT

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    And, did you find them durable? this is what Robo is asking.
  8. Ernesto.IT

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    Hi Robo I bought this type here about 4 years ago from Decathlon. They don't seem to sell them anymore - perhaps because they last forever. I've just found them on Wish and ordered some more. Hope I've been of some help. Buen Camino Ernesto
  9. Ernesto.IT

    While Waiting to Walk - What are you doing?

    Last year by walking locally I clocked up 1700Km, and I think that I will try to do ( lockdown permitted ) the same this year in Lombardia Italy.:)
  10. Ernesto.IT

    Poll Which Camino are you planning next?

    If I am still alive and if we are vaccinated, it will be by April 2022 or else April 2023. Start my walk John O Groat's to Rome via Canterbury Via Francigena should be around 3000+Kilometer. I had to cancel it in April 2020 when it was all paid for.:( Ultrea:)
  11. Ernesto.IT

    What will the 'new normal' be like?

    Felice, I wouldn't worry that much, because when the Camino reopens, there will be no longer the fear of today because God willing we will all ( or almost all ) be vaccinated. Ultreia:)
  12. Ernesto.IT

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Portugal’s covid status updated here

    peregrina2000, the lockdown is not the only way to reduce infections but it will be the vaccine that is about to be given almost all over the world, so patience is still the best weapon for the moment.
  13. Ernesto.IT

    Camino this April

    Hi Mark, we almost all, hope that next year will be more reasonable practical and safe to resume our walks.