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Recent content by Gary Martin

  1. Gary Martin

    LIVE from the Camino Camping in France

    Thanks for the heads up on the European bike routes. I have never noticed these before. I have camped quite a lot hiking in Europe. I have only walked in southern France but found it very easy to camp there. I much prefer a bivy bag to a tent though. There’s a bit of a learning curve but in...
  2. Gary Martin

    Towel - Help!

    I use exactly the same system but with an old cotton bandanna rather than a cycling cap. I find endless ways to use the bandana, from a fashion statement to tying on hat in a genuine hundred kilometer breeze on the GR10 in the Pyrenees.
  3. Gary Martin

    Cash and credit cards on the camino...

    You got this right and it’s super important. Be careful to always insist on paying the local currency when making a purchase. A similar situation can come up when you are using a ATM. Recently in Mexico I was offered an exchange rate and Ask if I would accept that rate. The rate that was...
  4. Gary Martin

    Via Piamonte in September/October 2021???

    Hi John Sorry about that. My computer skills are not what they should be. I walked part of your proposed route about seven years ago and liked it very much. I attempted to send a note but when I checked later the text had all mysteriously disappeared. I’ll try to remember the parts you might...
  5. Gary Martin

    COVID Trouble contacting Orisson.

    It’s spring. The trees are turning green. Lawnmowers or humming along in the suburbs. And the pilgrims are unsuccessfully trying to contact Orison. The world seems to be getting more back to normal today.
  6. Gary Martin

    Necessary Sundries

    When you need toilet paper your world is much less complicated if have arranged to have a supply at hand. (So to speak). I carry a zip lock quart freezer bag with a few feet of folded strong -when-wet paper towels. In the same bag I include some lighter zip bags to safely carry soiled towels to...
  7. Gary Martin

    Camino with the most nature / forest

    You might want to check out the Piemonte. I have only walked the section west of Carcasone but it was very nice.
  8. Gary Martin

    US phone number for Vueling Air Lines

    My favorite solution to the international calling problem is an app called WePhone. There is a cost but it’s trivial and easy to pay with an iPhone. The recipient of your call on their caller ID will see your home phone number if that’s the number you register with on the App. They’re able to...
  9. Gary Martin

    Is this a new type of shoe? “Hybrid hiker”

    I like the Altra lone Peak 4 and they’ve been the choice for my last two Caminos. They work well although the upper isn’t very durable and the shape tends to grab onto brush and trip me. I’ve been auditioning a pair of Witten minimalist trail runners for about six months now. For me I think that...
  10. Gary Martin

    Solo 40th Bivy

    You should have no problems. The extra weight it is well worth having the option of camping. I carry a light down sleeping bag, A bivy bag, and a quarter inch foam pad cut down to hips and shoulders. I’ve never needed a tent But I like to sleep out in fair weather and pay for a roof if it looks...
  11. Gary Martin

    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    I am sitting here amazed at the diversity in use and selection of Pole Tips. Also in that everybody seems so happy with their particular choice. I assumed I was the only one out there that was that set in my ways. I use a pole a lot for daily use as well as on Camino. Good legs, bad balance. l...
  12. Gary Martin

    Via de la Plata in Reverse

    I walked the Baztan backwards a couple of years ago and spent quite a bit of time retracing my steps. It was fun. It’s been along time since I walked the VDLP but given the weather distances and the sparse population I would not attempt to walk it backwards without a good map and compass or...
  13. Gary Martin

    Have you been married a long time?

    50 years this month. From my perspective you nailed it exactly, there’s nothing I can add.
  14. Gary Martin

    Altra = Happy Feet?

    A friend and I walked in Frances in May 2 years ago. We both purchased lone Peak fours for the trip and replaced the insoles with super feet green. I am a long time fan of zero drop shoes and Calvin had no trouble adapting to the difference. we agreed that downhill is significantly more...