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  1. GaTeach

    How Do You End Your Camino

    I had a fb group for my camino. Some of my friends asked one of the guys I met on the camino to please video my Victory March into Santiago. So, he did. He gave me very specific directions. "Come into Santiago at exactly 11 am. Walk slowly like you are in a Hollywood movie. Smile for the...
  2. GaTeach

    Evidently, it's not private. I can see this!

    Evidently, it's not private. I can see this!
  3. GaTeach

    While Waiting to Walk - What are you doing?

    Yay Duolingo! Me too! by the way, the free version is much better on a laptop than on a phone.
  4. GaTeach

    While Waiting to Walk - What are you doing?

    I teach high school Biology and every year I get to present my Camino to the Spanish 2 classes. That's this Friday and I'm so excited! Just the thought that one day, just maybe, one pilgrim will ask another, "Why are you doing the Camino?" and he or she will say, "Oh I had a teacher in high...
  5. GaTeach

    Am I the only one who...

    Yes!!! I'm reading Art of the Pilgrimage right now and one of my favorite lines is "Stranger, pass by that which you do not love."
  6. GaTeach

    Forum Book Club - 1 - The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago (Gitlitz and Davidson)

    I just got this in the mail a couple of days from! I'm looking forward to getting into it!
  7. GaTeach

    Am I the only one who...

    One of the people I met on the Camino is from Hong Kong. He wrote a book about his pilgrimage and I'm mentioned several times...with pictures as well! He mailed me a copy-Tao on the Road- and it is truly one of my most treasured possessions. Unfortunately, I can't read it because it's in...
  8. GaTeach

    Discouraged in Florida

    Haha! Yes! Walk everywhere! I teach school two miles from where I live (no sidewalks) and when I was training, I walked to school many times. Inevitably, a student or co-worker would stop and ask me if I needed a ride!
  9. GaTeach

    Are you thinking to walk the Camino (the way of the Saint James) again?

    Since August, 2017 when I arrived in SdC from SJPP, I have sworn every day that I wouldn't do it again. Ever. the Norte is looking very possible for Summer 2021. Hendaye to SdC
  10. GaTeach

    Trail runners: Altra or Brooks, or Hoka????

    Thanks for the gouge! My Cascadias came in last night and I'm wearing them today with some extra thick socks! I ordered them a full size up and yay! for Brooks for having women's 11.5. Very unusual.
  11. GaTeach

    The wild-west days of the camino

    I tried to download Stanton's book from UK library. I got a notice that only UK community members could access it. I guess the free period is over, darnit.
  12. GaTeach

    Your favorite little bar on the Camino?

    Oh yes! The one on the right under the ruins at San Anton! I think the owner's name is Angel. He asked me where I was from, started singing "Georgia, Georgia" to me. Then he asked me to marry him. I found out later he asks every female to marry him. My brother went through there the year...
  13. GaTeach

    Your favorite little bar on the Camino?

    I had to look up the name on Google Maps, but it's Albany in the square at Leon in front of the catedral. One of the best evenings ever.
  14. GaTeach

    Daydreaming about sangria and paella

    One of my most favorite evenings on the Camino. Two Pilgrims One Heart. :) At this supper, Miguel and his wife sang a song for us. Then he went around the table and asked each of us to sing a song from our country. It was pure magic. Way outside of my comfort zone and just perfect.