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Rebekah Scott

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  • Hi Rebekah, from Bowling Green Ohio. My husband and I are finishing our camino from last year that ended in Moratinos. Wondering if you still have your place open for pilgrims? I read your story and would like to begin at the Peaceable Kingdom. Would love to stay with you on Sept. 18, 2018.
    Rebekah Scott
    Rebekah Scott
    hola Carolyn. You're welcome to come over, I will be in USA that part of September, alas! But Paddy will be here with James, our loveable Scottish hospitalero, and all the animals. Thanks for thinking of us.
    Just back from short Camino to celebrate my 70th and to bring back photos of Philip Wren's memorial for some of his Church.Sorry I missed you when I called,but thank your other half for his directions to the memorial which we passed (too much talking).Thank you for your work to pay tribute to Philip.
    Rebekah Scott
    Rebekah Scott
    yes, sorry I missed you. Come on back when you're in the neighborhood!
    As an avid reader of Camino books I'm finding this book refreshing as it's a"Natives" view of the Camino,and the intro that explained his determination to complete the story of his journey before he sadly passed on.This will be a never ending tribute to him.
    Thank you for your work on westward walk,I'm loving the book?
    Rebekah Scott
    Rebekah Scott
    Thanks, Philip. I realize the publisher used an earlier proof of the manuscript and there are TYPOS in there... aaaaugh! I hope they are not too distracting.

    Please review the book on Amazon when you're finished. Every little bit helps!
    Trying to get hold of Westward Walk without having to get it from Amazon over the pond.
    Are there any European online sellers, that you know of ?
    Rebekah Scott
    Rebekah Scott
    Order it via your nearest Amazon.. I don't know where you are, but it's on Amazon.de, uk, es, etc. For now that is the only international distributor we have.
    Hi Rebekah, I want to thank you and Pad and the Peaceable Kingdom for such wonderful hospitality on October 10th! You are such an inspiration in all that you do - particularly for the Camino and Moratinos!!
    All the best, and positive thoughts for good weather for the clean up!! Wish I were closer to help!
    Hi Rebekah,
    I sent that PM to you without scrolling down the thread about the rubbish cleaning. If I had, I'd have seen the link about making a donation.
    Hope the weather's kind to all the volunteers.
    Hello again,
    Hey I saw the post about needing hospitaleros at Ave Fenix in Villa Franca de Bierzo. I would consider it but I'm just wondering if there is something about the place that you know of that would be difficult being there. I heard mixed reviews when I went through there 2 years ago. I did not stay there so I don't know first hand. What if anything do you know about it.
    Hi Rebekah, I am back home now after a wonderful camino. I want to thank you for your hospitality when we dropped in at your home (27/05). The tea was really good. You have a beautiful home and we left your place with a song in our hearts. I will send a picture. Joyce and I managed to walk to Muxia and it was great. I am feeling quite lost at the moment - bad case of camino blues!! Regards, Petro
    Hi Rebecca. We visited on the 11th May, I was with 3 other women and we bumped into you and Paddy coming back from a walk with all your amazing dogs. Was the highlight of our day
    You kindly made us a cuppa, supplied us with some great biscuits, welcomed us into your home and spent time chatting with us.
    I just wanted to ask how I can send you a photo that was taken from our visit with you.
    Cheers Alex
    Many thanks Rebecca. You are safe for a while. We will probably leave in the next 20 min. No movie stars among us so no competition :). C u soon.
    Many thanks Rebecca. You are safe for a while. We will probably leave in the next 20 min. No movie stars among us so no competition :). C u soon.
    Cup of tea :) I am in Terradillos de los Templarios. I think it is only 3 km to Moratinos. I am walking with two other women at present. We would love to stop by to say hello. We are happy to delay our departure till a reasonable time. What would you prefer as a time we arrive at The Peaceable Kingdom, if you are still happy to share a cuppa?
    Looking forward to meeting you Jen
    Hi Rebekah
    Just wondering if your are sometimes still up for a knock at the door to share a cuppa with a pilgrim.
    I am walking slowly leaving from Burgos on a Good Friday and would love to catch up even briefly.
    Cheers Jen
    Hello Rebekah, You wrote "If you are Episcopalian, Anglican, or even Lutheran, you can freely receive Communion along the Camino, if that is what you wish to do.".

    I am a Lutheran and had not heard this before. I just wanted to confirm with you that I can as a Lutheran take holy communion.

    Thank you. I am pleased about this. Ed
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