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  1. george.g

    Camino this April

    Chris Whitty the chief medical officer for the UK has just talked about the possibility of the need for lockdowns next winter makes me think that any plans for April this year may be a little optimistic, it sounds as though the virus is going to be around for a while longer if not for ever...
  2. george.g

    Staffs in Seville?

    Hi Staffman, if you want just a stick then maybe a broom handle from a ferretaria (ironmongers-hardwear shop) would serve? Regards George
  3. george.g

    Currently Walking VDLP - Daily Updates

    When I walked that way in ‘18 there was a water tap near the rangers office, on the wall near the trough, marked with a rough painted shell. Wonder is it still there?
  4. george.g

    Short Stages (most under 20 km) on the Mozárabe

    Hi Maggie, That was a monster of a day wasn’t it! On subsequent trips I have opted to go via San Pedro, staying at Hostal Kavanna a truck stop, reasonable prices, nice rooms and most importantly good food. Best regards George
  5. george.g

    Annie live from the VDLP

    You could try Dorothea on 049 157 551 781 24 or casaperigrina.office@gmail.com, we spent the night with her last year. Regards George PS apparently she's on facebook, whatever that is, her name is Dorothea Knophius
  6. george.g

    COVID Opening a coronavirus thread for forum discussion

    During today’s presentation by our prime minister, the Chief Scienctific Advisor said re travel plans “ don’t change your travel plans” suggesting that if the virus was present everywhere then you were as likely to catch it on holiday as you were at home, the only stipulation was the quality of...
  7. george.g

    Don't Believe Everything Cast Into Stone

    Yes, I thought the rule was “the rays point the way“ except when they don’t. Could it be whoever erected the monoliths only had right hand tiles. (joke) Regards George
  8. george.g

    A Safer route out of Cáceres

    Thanks for the Wikiloc, Cacares to Caesar will be the first day of my family’s annual week on Camino and I wasn’t looking forward to the road section out of Cacares. We will definitely take the safety option, and as we are having a short day a few kms more won’t be a problem. Regards George
  9. george.g

    Camino Mozarabe

    “In this instance”
  10. george.g

    Walking the Via de la Plata Starting April 12th

    Hi, Don't forget that 12th of April is Easter Sunday, so I would make a booking for the days you plan to be in Seville, I would also think about Fuente de Cantos where there are a limited number of beds, and how you plan to get past Oliva de Plasenca. Some people prefer to just wing it, fine if...
  11. george.g

    Camino Mozarabe

    Or you could simply use google maps on your phone, you could put junta de los caminos as a destination and plaza de constitution as a start point, the walking route goes :- calle marmoles, ave de lope de vega, ave lope de rueda road number A7075 to Junta de los caminos, in this instance the...
  12. george.g

    Camino Mozarabe

    Hi Maggie, depending on this lady’s time constraints, it could be an idea to take a taxi to Restaurant Jose Carlos in Junta de los Caminos and walk from there, I seem to remember there’s an yellow arrow on the telegraph pole opposite. Best regards George PS, it’s the VdlP for me this year...
  13. george.g

    Accommodation/Eating in Fuente de Cantos

    Hi Staffman, yes they are still operating, a search for "apartmentos rurales el zaguan de la plata" should find them, my family and I stayed with them last year and had a big apartment, we noticed that they also had a small dorm, try e-mailing them and ask for a pilgrim bunk, as to eating there...
  14. george.g

    Best time to Start Walking the Mozárabe in Springtime?

    The albergue in Merida is fine, a little limited in facilities perhaps, stayed there a couple of times, as recent as last year, and plan to stay there again this year. Regards George.
  15. george.g

    Best time to Start Walking the Mozárabe in Springtime?

    Hi, you should also consider the Holy Week calibrations, and think about making bookings, accommodation can get a little scarce, particularly in smaller towns. Regards George