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Recent content by happymarkos

  1. happymarkos

    The Fragrance of Spain

    I miss the wonderful taste of oranges in Spain. Nothing else like them.
  2. happymarkos

    LIVE from the Camino The Camino Needs You.

    Lucky you. We are lockdown in Australia and not permitted to travel overseas unless there are exceptional circumstances. The sticking point is that the hotels in which inbound travellers have to quarantine for two weeks are FULL.. I doubt the Australian government would view me finishing the...
  3. happymarkos

    Camino Portugues Spiritual Route

    And the walk next day past all the old water driven mills was unique to this variation. Loved it as well as the hospitality of the nuns. Added to the spiritual divided.
  4. happymarkos

    The directions to Santiago & Fátima

    We saw the blue and yellow arrows on our walk in Portugal. It was well marked.
  5. happymarkos

    Best Islamic Architecture on the Camino

    Of interest to me while on the VDLP was the old fort in Merida which was built and expanded by a number of armies. From memory the Romans were followed by the Visigoths then the Muslims. Not sure after that. What was striking is the shell emblem on what is left of a small central edifice which...
  6. happymarkos

    Trail Runners I'm Looking at

    Hi Robo I have faced a similar issue as the weight difference between boots and walking footwear is substantial. My heaviest are Meindl Butan great in snow and mud but weight almost 2 kgs. Apart from sandals, the Europeans have some purpose built walking shoes. The ones I like are Hangwag which...
  7. happymarkos

    CPAP machine and plug ins

    Hi Greg as a fellow CPAP user I can assure you there will seldom be any hassles. For some places if you book ahead you can ask to be near a power outlet and this has always worked well. One important tip, ask for a bed on a bottom bunk near the power. They will usually put a reserved sign on...
  8. happymarkos

    New Book on how to prepare for a Camino

    Thank you Gerald Appreciate your comments. It’s interesting that despite all the publications and free advice a large percentage of people embarking on their first long Camino still are not adequately prepared and suffer unnecessarily. We can only try to get the messages out. Stay safe and...
  9. happymarkos

    New Book on how to prepare for a Camino

    Yes I like her book also. I sought to take a different approach and explored several area in more detail, particularly the importance of being well hydrated and the physiology behind it, and role played by fascia. There is a chapter on “ walking as a system “ that helps to explain the...
  10. happymarkos

    New Book on how to prepare for a Camino

    Hi Kathar1na: thank you for your comments, if you can suggest ways to get more of the message out about the importance of being well prepared please do so. I know John Brierley was very happy to supply his latest map of the caminos in France, Spain and Portugal for me to include in my book; he...
  11. happymarkos

    New Book on how to prepare for a Camino

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, unfortunately my experience is that many are limping within a few weeks and around 50% who start in SJPDP are injured by Burgos. Others have shared similar observations about the drop-out rate. I agree there is lots of information readily available...
  12. happymarkos

    New Book on how to prepare for a Camino

    Recent publication to help people who are just starting out or who have had problems in the past. Available from on-line retailers as a paperback or ebook and as a paperback from the Confraternity of St James in London,
  13. happymarkos

    Visa dangers for volunteers

    Fully agree, volunteer nothing. Its difficult though, I had been up since about 6am and it was now about 6pm and tired from travelling. Really caught completely off guard. There was an elderly American couple also in trekking clothes who came in on the same flight from Spain and in transit...
  14. happymarkos

    European walking shoes?

    Hi AZgirl there are many ones manufactured in the EU, and other European brands that are manufactured in China or similar. I have both Meindl and Hanwag, two very old German manufacturers. One advantage is you can fully resole them and even have repairs on other parts including the uppers. Both...