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  1. JoroAtanasof

    Which route has more Spanish Speakers?

    With the time that you have you can do Camino Primitivo I think at least 60 % of the people walking it now are Spanish.
  2. JoroAtanasof

    Primitivo - Any updates on the albergue situation?

    Yesterday I stayed in municipal albergue in Lugo they said that since 7th of July they are not taking any reservations , today I am staying in as seixas municipal one and it is the same story . I think it is quite positive change .
  3. JoroAtanasof

    Primitivo - Any updates on the albergue situation?

    I met Paul yesterday and he was kind enough to direct me to la Quintana. I think that all donativos and municipal are already booked but still there are other albergues that are opened :)
  4. JoroAtanasof

    Primitivo - Any updates on the albergue situation?

    Yesterday in Oviedo there was more beds than pilgrims , same today in grado .
  5. JoroAtanasof

    Adjusting to “real life” after the Camino - how long did it take?

    Well after my first and only Camino Frances I took a month and instead going back to work I have done Camino Portuguese starting from Porto. I was not ready to go back to the real life . Best decision in my life I would say. I never returned to my initial work . Before my first Camino I only...
  6. JoroAtanasof

    Traveling in October/I hope

    I use google flights , you have a lot of options there .
  7. JoroAtanasof

    How does Marmot compare to Patagonia?

    Hi , it is good idea to take rain protection while walking coastal route ( 1st time 0 rainy days , 2nd 4 rainy days for me ) but still my opinion is that you dont need to invest in these brands unless you plan to use it for multiple hikes . IMHO 15 euro rain jacket from Decatlon will do just...
  8. JoroAtanasof

    Camino Frances a Second Time

    Hi @DuaneS Although i have only one CF behind my back i think i know what you are talking about . I had briliant CF and by briliant i mean shin splint on both of my legs , heavy backpack and totaly wrong gear in general ( exept my keen sandals ) . I made a few friends from 4 contitnets , i...
  9. JoroAtanasof

    Good map apps for El Norte?

    Have you tried Buencamino app ?
  10. JoroAtanasof

    Best Camino for December

    @Raymond Aquilina I have the same dilemma I already postponed my Camino twice this year and to tell you my unpopular opinion it was all for nothing ...
  11. JoroAtanasof

    Primitivo questions

    Thanks Mike , I have 14 days total but last 3 caminos i end up in Finisterre by walking ... That is the reason why i will try to finish it in 10 days ;) One thing i learned is that all plans go to hell when start walking 😂 at least in my experience .
  12. JoroAtanasof

    Primitivo questions

    Hi guys , 1. Is it ok to bring sleeping bag like this or i can bring something much lighter like liner bag ( i am asking because where i came from ( Balkans ) it is cold in the mountains even in the mid summer ) ? 2.I am...
  13. JoroAtanasof

    European walking shoes?

    Salomon , Scarpa , La sportiva , Salewa , Mammut , Lowa And many more :)
  14. JoroAtanasof

    David Part 2 - The 3 Most Common Camino Injuries & How to Avoid them.

    Great video could not agree more :) I spent 2 days exploring Barcelona and by the time i arrived by train to Pamplona it was obvious that my shoes are not the right size . So i visited Caminoteca store in Pamplona before heading to SJPDP and the assistant recomended me Keen Newport H2 sandals...
  15. JoroAtanasof

    Rucksack Alternative

    Link is not working .