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  1. Katherine Radeka

    Way too overwhelming to book beds/rooms (mid july - mid August, frances)

    I was able to do this with only rudimentary Spanish most of the time, using email or WhatsApp plus Google Translate.
  2. Katherine Radeka

    First time questions

    Hi, I think it’s less likely that you’ll actually skip or double up on a stage. It’s more likely that you will stay in between stage towns. There are delightful places to stay in the “off stage” villages you pass through. If you’re on a fixed schedule, I would recommend figuring out how much...
  3. Katherine Radeka

    Two step bank verification texts

    Are you sure you need this? US cell phone providers have much better international plans than even 5 years ago. I used to buy a local Sim card as a normal practice, but about five years ago that started to change. Calls are still expensive but who does that anymore? I have T-Mobile and I...
  4. Katherine Radeka

    My new favorite hiking pants!!!

    Thanks! I will check these out. I love my Macabi skirt for exactly this reason. But I assume that you’d have to go commando for the system to work?
  5. Katherine Radeka

    Bed bug sheet, any use?

    We just got home from our Camino and managed to avoid the little buggers — until Santiago. We heat treated everything we could, including the duffle bags that contained our backpacks, in a hot dryer on our last day, grateful for a flight late enough to allow that. We sealed everything else in...
  6. Katherine Radeka

    "Working from home" along The Way(s)?

    I just finished the Camino Frances doing exactly this. The biggest issues were the weight of the electronics and the quality of the Internet connection. A smartphone alone wasn’t going to cut it. So we carried laptops plus chargers, etc. Heavy stuff. That led to the need to send our packs...
  7. Katherine Radeka

    Zabaldika! Is it it true?

    This is one of my most treasured memories from the Camino: praying in that chapel and talking with the sister hosting that day.
  8. Katherine Radeka

    The electric coil changed my life on the Camino!

    You can't hurt yourself by trying. It will either still work or it's dead. These devices have one-way fuses that get tripped when it overheats. Even a second out of boiling water is enough to do it, but if it was cold when you unplugged it, it might still be OK. But since it's either dead or...
  9. Katherine Radeka


    I’m a semi- curly girl with thick hair that goes crazy without some help. Brought Ethique shampoo / conditioner (and face soap) in small mesh “soap saver” bags that can hang anywhere - usually the shower mixer. Let them dry overnight then packed into small plastic bags in the AM.
  10. Katherine Radeka

    Please help me plan off-stages: After Sarria to Muxia/Finisterre

    I am in Salceda now having just done a similar route. We’ve liked every place we’ve stayed: Casa Morgade, Pensión Eirexe, and now Tia Teresa in Salceda. One thing to be aware of: once you’re past the main stage town that you’re intentionally going beyond, bars and restaurants in small...
  11. Katherine Radeka

    Prayer books

    I brought a lightweight wooden rosary and several prayer apps for my phone, including one with the rosary prayers in Spanish. This was more useful than I thought it would be, because the local parishioners often pray the rosary before the pilgrims’ Mass and I could join in. Nothing else...
  12. Katherine Radeka


    Drones give me the creeps. They are far more intrusive and obnoxious than smartphones to my lizard brain, even though I know any person with a smartphone also has a high res camera. It’s not rational I know. If I see a drone operator, I give them dagger looks and wide berths.
  13. Katherine Radeka

    How did you transition to new credencial when your first got full?

    Our first credenciales are full! And we’re now close enough that we’ll need two sellos per day starting tomorrow. We have two extra we brought from home. The answer to these questions are probably obvious but I haven’t found them anywhere. What should we do about the information in the front...
  14. Katherine Radeka

    Albergue windows and doors open or closed at night now.

    I don’t have AC in my hundred year old house in the Pacific NW. In summer, we open the windows in the early am to let in cool morning air with window fans. Then close them all as soon as it’s warmer outside than inside, and close the blinds. With things sealed up, interior fans and ceiling...
  15. Katherine Radeka

    If I want to use the bag transport service do I need to book in advance?

    Using CaminoFacil and they’ve given great service. Didn’t charge me extra even when I screwed up the reservation. Very responsive on WhatsApp to questions, last minute changes.