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Recent content by Kathy F.

  1. Kathy F.

    Pondering while walking

    One of the main things I had to train myself for, as I prepared for my first Camino, was walking for hours (I traveled solo) with no music, no headphones, just me inside my own head. It actually took practice for me to become comfortable with it - I usually have music in the background and I...
  2. Kathy F.

    Suggestions for a week long stay on the CF Route

    Ugh! So sorry to hear about your leg! Keep up with your physical therapy. Over several Caminos, I spent extra time in Estrella (mainly because of blister recovery) Burgos, and Leon. Both Burgos and Leon offer wonderful enticements for the exhausted pilgrim, and the enthusiastic tourista! I...
  3. Kathy F.

    Offer one Camino suggestion.....

    "Start out like an old man so you can finish like a young man" This is my all time favorite and most perfect advice I got from this forum as I prepared for my first Camino years ago. It served me very well. To me, it means keep your energy and enthusiasm under control in the beginning - this...
  4. Kathy F.

    Took the Plunge and Booked for July 2021!!

    I walked from Lourdes to St. Jean to Santiago a few years ago. It was a great experience. I'm thinking of walking from Lourdes to Somport to Santiago next year. Maybe.
  5. Kathy F.

    Took the Plunge and Booked for July 2021!!

    As I recall, I saw MANY lost-looking, middle-aged Brits sitting with a bottle of wine at bars all along the Camino. You may have to be more distinctive. LOL!! Good luck and Buen Camino, keep us all posted.
  6. Kathy F.

    Forum Book Club - 4 - The Great Westward Walk (Antxon González Gabarain)

    OK. I just finished reading part 3 - finished the book. The last, very short, chapter is haunting. Clearly, this entire book was a labor of love, and a culmination of all the previous walks he had done. This book seems very personal, but doesn't get deeply personal (to me) until the end...
  7. Kathy F.

    Graffiti removal

    What bothers me more than (most of) the graffiti is the trash that people leave behind. Picnic trash, toilet trash, trash. I've spent some stages picking up after others on the Camino. Ugh.
  8. Kathy F.

    Camino Francés through Aragón

    My last Camino was from Lourdes to SJPdP. Lourdes was . . . strange, I agree. I was ready to leave. I suspect my head was in a very different place than all the other faithful who were gathered there. I walked along the spine of the Pyrenees, through Oloron, until reaching San Jean, then...
  9. Kathy F.

    Where did that Town Go??

    True, true! This is one of the reasons I think I will enjoy going on the CF again. Some things I long to see again, some things I missed the other times, some things I chose to walk around. You never step in the same stream twice, right? Is that the saying??
  10. Kathy F.

    Where did that Town Go??

    Robo, Pat is so lucky to not have to flip through pages and pages of photos to remember what happened where! I also traveled alone and took lots of photos and notes, which perhaps is why I find it especially puzzling to NOT find those places so significant in my memories. Oh, well, every step...
  11. Kathy F.

    Where did that Town Go??

    Kiwi family, what a wonderful experience! I envy you. Your lesson about not trying to recreate memories is a life lesson we all can take to heart, whether we try to recreate memories from Christmases past, sporting successes, or loves lost.
  12. Kathy F.

    Forum Book Club - 4 - The Great Westward Walk (Antxon González Gabarain)

    I'm 2/3 through the book. I am starting to understand the difficulty some readers have with his general attitude. It seems negative, at least at this point in the story. He seems unnecessarily hard on himself, whether physically - 40 km a day, with blizzards and blisters? No way, man, be kind...
  13. Kathy F.

    Where did that Town Go??

    Yes, that's exactly right. I'm not saying it was unpleasant. I purposefully sought out new albergues, stayed in different towns that I had passed up the first time, in order to . . . enliven/enrich . . . the experience. It's just so weird that entire towns that I had passed through and stayed...
  14. Kathy F.

    Where did that Town Go??

    Although it was worn and torn, I did use the same edition. Why invest in a brand new guidebook, I thought - how different could the route have become in only 2 years (insert eyes rolling here)!! :-)
  15. Kathy F.

    Where did that Town Go??

    I don't know if I'm the only person who has had this happen to them. I have done the CF twice, once from SJPdP to SdC, 2 years later from Lourdes to SJPdP to SdC. As I'm looking back on those two trips, I realize that, although I used the Brierly for both trips, I don't remember seeing the...