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  • Thank you very much for your advice! Will try to find bed there, all the best, Margo
    I believe you and I corresponded on doing the Levante several years ago. Did you ever do the trek???

    I am looking to do the Levante next year. But I really want to do it with other peregrinos and I am trying to see if I can recruit a few on this forum. Thoughts?
    Thank you so much for your help with finding information to help re: Giorgio Cordoni. I am so appreciative I'm crying....this situation is very unnerving, and I can think of little else.
    Am hoping you are able to post your collection of CF food options. Food is a definite part of the cultural experience and I hope to soak up as much history and culture as possible while I work on figuring out why I'm so drawn to walk 800km!
    Hi K.O. ! I've been researching food options on the C.F and see that you began a listing of posters' recommendations last year.
    Did you finish it? Any updates?
    Thanks - leaving for Spain in a week :-)

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