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    What to do about a proud tagger (a person who scrawls graffiti)

    I came upon a man defacing a waypost while walking this past October. We had a conversation with me telling him how disappointing that he would think defacing was good to do. He thought it an expression of himself. I thought of the massive ego he had to have to believe he had the right to write...
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    Hiking umbrella

    I used the My Trail Co Chrome umbrella on the CF in October. Attached to my shoulder strap it allowed me to use my hiking poles. It worked well in the rain over my rain jacket. The rain was blowy most days and once the umbrella inverted. It popped back into shape with no damage. I didn’t have...
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    Mobile phone pouch for backpack straps

    I second this. My husband had two, one on each strap, holding his cell phone and the second one held his sunglasses. Easy access.
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    Some folks just really don't get it ....

    One day my husband declared we were going to walk the Camino de Santiago. This was beyond startling to me as he had never walked long distance at all and seemed to resent my long hikes. (My longest was 2200 miles 3540 km) Naturally I jumped at his suggestion and began to plan. At each stage of...
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    Hunt For The Elusive Perfect Sleeping Bag

    I did use a Costco quilt. I added snaps down one side (longways) and one short side. This allowed a lot of versatility and I used my silk liner as well. We finished on October 24 and I was never cold. 1 pound.
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    Z-Packs Question

    My zPacks has carried 25 pounds (11 kg) comfortably many times. Packing methodology enters into to that but, mostly, it needs to fit. Having said that I hiked the Camino with my Hyperlite Gear pack.
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    Where can I find Walter Starkie's "The Road to Santiago"?

    For all of you looking for out of print books, try bookfinder.com. It searches different outlets for the wanted volume. This Starkie search had both US and UK sources.
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    Z-Packs Question

    The straps work well for me with no rubbing. I am quite busty and always use the sternum strap.
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    Do ladies pee in the woods? I think we know the answer.

    I, too, was saddened by the paper “flowers” around hedges and rocks this October on the Camino. If you have a dog, or not, those little bags to clean up after the dog’s business are perfect for your paper. Just put the used bag in a zip lock and dispose in the next town or at the albergue at the...
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    Z-Packs Question

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    Macabi skirt - which colour

    Purple Rain is great! The Macabi is too full for a short person like me. I feel as if I am wearing a balloon. The Purple rain is very lightweight as mentioned has 4 pockets and does indeed dry very quickly.
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    Z-Packs Question

    I have an Arc Blast. It is not my favorite pack. I love the weight (lack thereof) but I have found Hyperlight Mountain Gear. Their pack (dyneema like Zpacks) is better made and even with the few extra ounces (weighs in at 32 oz or .907 kg) it is much more comfortable for my body. The pricing is...
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    Camino Francés in October-November

    Thank you! Just in time as we leave SJPdP on Sept 26.
  14. K

    Free house-sitting

    I wish this post had been a bit earlier in the year, we located a house sitter for the time we will be on the Camino in October. It would be nice to be able to ask those last minute questions from a veteran peligrino just as you are leaving.
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    September 2018 who’s going?

    My Husband and I will be leaving SJPP on September 26.

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