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Recent content by lindigo

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    Pole Tip Protectors - A Serious matter - There are tips and tips

    You could try Clark Rubber, they have rubber tips for chairs etc. Our originals tips wore out quickly so we tried Clark Rubber, they fit perfectly but needed the 1 cent pieces inside the bottom to stop the points pushing through. Two different brand poles and fit well. About $1 each and cheap...
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    Comment by 'lindigo' in media 'Plaza de Obradoiro year 1900'

    Thank you Ivar, food for the soul.
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    Inter-Metatarsil Bursitis

    Martin I have the same. I persevered for years until the pain put my gate off to the extent that I had pain right up to the knee. I also scrunched the toes under with the pain. Saw specialist and the suggestion was to see an podiatrist. I walked away with orthotics with a blimp under the ball of...
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    Spain at 22.00 (10pm) last night...

    This is incredible, thank you Ivar and stay safe. Thinking of you all.
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    Hot Tea on Fisterra/Muxia Camino

    Hello, Depends how much you want tea, we take our own for early morning cups prior to walking, but we also carry a small jug to boil the water. We are tea drinkers and tea is one of our priorities. Everyone is different.
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    Diversion of route outside León

    Plan to walk Camino Francis in 2020 and would like to know for sure if the footbridge outside Leon is definitely open for pedestrians again.
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    Its really good to hear everyones preferences for socks. I have the sweety feet and wool doesnt suit, just gets matted underfoot. I must be the odd one out, I have worn Bonds cotton socks for three caminos, CF, Portuguese and Madrid with New Balance trail runners, havent had a blister or even...
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    LIVE from the Camino Camino de Madrid - April 2019

    Thank you Nick for the heads up on Santervas de Campos albergue, we are a few days behind you and we were planning to stay there but as oldies will have to arrange transport now. Thanks again.
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    The White Whisper

    Keep it up William, it's lovely. Thanks.
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    CF April/June 2018.

    CF April/June 2018.
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    I’m part of the ‘ send ahead suitcase set’ and am not a Spanish pilgrim. Started off loaded and took some advice from a couple in Estelle, now enjoying the pilgrimage 100% more, unburdened. :):)
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    Post Office in Pamplona - send luggage

    We just sent a suitcase through Correos, the postal system, to Burgos and paid for it to be held until we arrive. All pretty easy, we hope it’s there when we arrive. You pay for the amount of days you want it held. L
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    Danger for pilgrims walking between Roncesvalles & Zubiri

    Saturday 14th. Have just walked Roncesvalles to Zubiri. The sun has shone all day and track is drying out. The flooded stepping stones just before Biskarette still have water going over them, use the road for 50 metres. Certain sections between Espinal and Alto de Erro muddy. The descent from...
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    Live from the Camino

    Thursday 12th April, We left this morning in rain and it didn’t stop until Valcarlos. The sun is shining slightly tonight. Forecast for more rain tomorrow. People were using the Napoleon this morning, there was supposed to be snow on the top. Another wonderful day on the Camino raining or not...
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    Live from the Camino

    Richard and I have just spent 2 wet cold days in St Jean. Have been advised to take Valcarlos route as Napoleon is unsafe. Leaving tomorrow for Valcarlos raining or not, should be interesting. The weather is supposed to improve in a few days giving us chance to dry out. Might run into you along...