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  1. Maggie Y

    London to Coruña or Asturias.

    In previous years I flew from London Stansted to Asturias Oviedo airport. Great connections to the Feve Train
  2. Maggie Y

    Historic way on the Norte from La Caridad

    It's really good to hear about this. I was struggling to find this information last year. I was thinking of picking up my camino around there for the final stage. I thought of getting off the train at Tol and trying to pick up this route but in the end left from Ribadeo instead. Good to know it...
  3. Maggie Y

    Staying fit after the Camino

    I do that as well and it really helps. For me the special thing after a camino is that my stomach is more toned. I have more core stability which is lovely. Never manage to hold onto this despite being a regular exerciser ??
  4. Maggie Y

    Trying to shave ounces....

    I walked at that time of year with a silk liner and used blankets from albergue if needed. It's vital to travel as light as poss for me. I can only carry 5 kg as 10per cent body weight rule . Travelling light really is much better for walking
  5. Maggie Y

    OUF!!! The heat must be terrible. In Spain

    I'm in the North of England . Sweltering. Thinking of all those on the Camino and wishing you cool breezes
  6. Maggie Y

    Rely on the waymarking, ignore your apps!

    I am visually challenged and find following the yellow arrows far easier than getting out glasses ,mobile and bring challenged as well by bright sunlight. Far more relaxing imho to try and follow yellow arrows maybe with the benefit of a bit of prior knowledge gleaned the night before from...
  7. Maggie Y

    Bilbao to Santander or Santander to llanes

    I agree. Llanes us a lovely place . Santiallana del Mar could be a good starting place if my memory serves me well. Buen Camino
  8. Maggie Y

    Late start tomorrow for San Juan... beds available??

    That was my first ever Hostal. The very kind hostelero made room for us even tho they were officially full. In the morning he played very soft meditative music to wake us all up gently. It was very memorable. Hopefully there will be a bed for you
  9. Maggie Y

    New xunta albergue at Ordes

    Useful information thankyou
  10. Maggie Y

    Books by Women Walking

    This last post is for Paula Constant
  11. Maggie Y

    Books by Women Walking

    What a well written post. Are you a writer?
  12. Maggie Y

    Camino del Norte in 2 weeks

    Why don't you do 2 weeks and come back next year to complete it in another 2 weeks?
  13. Maggie Y

    Camino del Norte as my first Camino in June - have I made a mistake?

    Don't walk all the way Irun to San Sebastian. Break your journey for the night at Pasajes San Juan. Try and get there in time to get into the Hostal as there are only 14 beds. Not a mistake. Take your time Buen Camino
  14. Maggie Y

    Camino Ingles / Celtic Camino to Santiago

    What is the Celtic Camino?

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