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  1. mary flo

    Best Sections of the Coastal Route from Porto

    Yes, sections :) Since we don't have time to do the entire trek, we are trying to narrow down our path. Just looking for favorite areas from folks who have walked from Porto.
  2. mary flo

    Best Sections of the Coastal Route from Porto

    Hi! We actually did Finisterre & Muxia in 2016. So beautiful!
  3. mary flo

    Best Sections of the Coastal Route from Porto

    I completed the Frances from St Jean in 2016 and made a wonderful friend from South Africa. We want to do a Camino reunion walk but only have a week. Since we're not able to do the whole route this time around we'd love to know the best sections from Porto to Santiago. Thanks & buen Camino!
  4. mary flo

    Don't Cheap Out on Raingear!

    This year I walked the Camino Frances March 15-April 15 and the weather varied but wasn't bad - of course there are always crappy weather days anytime of year. If you don't mind it being on the cooler side, you'll be fine! I also really loved the smaller amount of pilgrims. And yes, the quality...
  5. mary flo

    Our first Camino

    Hi @PMF! I'm heading out March 15th...depending on our pace, we may cross paths! Buen Camino!
  6. mary flo

    Current weather?

    Thanks for this!
  7. mary flo

    20 DAYS! Sharing photos along the way...

    20 DAYS until PARIS 25 DAYS until ST JEAN and the beginning of my Camino I am profoundly excited. I love taking photos (not professionally!) of my adventures. While I plan to be mostly disconnected during this trip I will be snapping tons of photos and uploading occasionally. I'd love for some...
  8. mary flo

    Gym leggings instead of "hiking pants"

    I love the leggings - I found some great Polarmax leggings (Comp4 Stretch Tight) that are technically a base layer but can be worn alone. The are great in the rain, still warm then quick dry. I also do just a basic New Balance light/quickdry legging that's great. Agree that it is nice to have...
  9. mary flo

    Spanish Cultural Faux Pas

    This is so good to know! I would have totally picked up fruit :oops:
  10. mary flo

    from Logrono in March Easter time

    Hi Lisa & Hanne! I'll be starting from SJPdP on the 15th so I may run into you during Holy Week! Lots of lovely things going on I'm sure...looking forward to it! Buen Camino!
  11. mary flo

    Special places deserving exploration on C. Frances

    Hi Sue! I will be setting out in March too, the 15th from SJPdP. Thanks for starting this thread, some good info here! Maybe I'll see you along the way - Buen Camino!
  12. mary flo

    Rain Gear Product opinions please

    I gave ponchos a go but they don't work for me personally. I love my Marmot PreCip ( http://marmot.com/products/details/precip-jacket-new ) along with my pack cover and interior lined with a trash compactor bag (just in case). Arc'teryx has awesome rain gear but they are not cheap at all (I've...
  13. mary flo

    Muxia or Finisterre?

    I will have a day in Santiago. I hope to have some extra time - I don't want to over plan but I'm pretty fast so I hope to have some wiggle room beyond the few extra days I have blocked out for resting & exploration. I appreciate all the info everyone!
  14. mary flo

    Muxia or Finisterre?

    Thank you for all your feedback! I don't want to plan too much but wanted to have a place to stay at the end of my journey. Much appreciated! I'm so ready to go...only 59 days...but who's counting?! :rolleyes:
  15. mary flo

    Muxia or Finisterre?

    Hi all! Hoping for some feedback from the group on this...I am walking the Camino Frances in March/April this year and should be in Santiago by April 17 and then I've got two days to relax (travelling by bus) in Muxia or Finisterre. Trying to decide where I should relax for those last two days...

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