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    An alternative system for Albergues

    I am on the Camino now. This is my first Camino so I can't compare with a precovid Camino. My plan was to carry my backpack all the way and stop when I needed to. In reality I found carrying my backpack to difficult and I have booked ahead because you need a reservation for them to accept your...
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    COVID I received my Corona "passport" today:

    I just checked mine after seeing your post. Under the code it says2D barcode expiration date16 july2021 your barcode automatically refreshes every 30 days to protect your data. I hope it does refresh as I am in Bulgaria until 19th August when I hope to travel to Spain.
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    COVID PCR Test Santiago de Compostela

    The website says 1 test in the 72hours before departure from an amber zone country 1 test 2 days after return & 1 test 8 days after return with 10 days quarantine. This may change so keep checking
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    COVID PCR Test Santiago de Compostela

    Does anyone know the cost of the test in Spain?
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    COVID Trouble contacting Orisson.

    wow that would be a great trip. Moscow to Vladivostok by trans Siberian express (I did it to Beijing & back) then walk to Santiago
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    USC Camino Course - Módulo III: La Literatura del Camino

    I have just taken & passed module 3. Like most of you I am not interested in going further I am not really interested in the fourth module or the certificate but I have learnt a lot about the camino which I am sure will add to the experience When I get to walk
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    COVID Trouble contacting Orisson.

    CW like you I probably could do Roncessvalles in one day but don't want to for all the same reasons as you. I changed my 2020 flight to this September and don't want to book anything that is not 100% refundable. I have booked 2 nights in SJPP and will walk to the half way mark on day 1 and catch...
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    Snack Bars made of Oats

    I am sorry you saw the replies as criticism of your oat bar they were not meant to be. I just wanted to inform yourself and others of the original recipes
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    Snack Bars made of Oats

    Earlier in this thread both Bristle boy and myself posted recipes for English/British flapjack
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    USC Camino Course - Módulo II: El Patrimonio Histórico del Camino

    The next 2 modules are the essays. I left these and did the test which I passed. I will start module 3 tomorrow
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    COVID Refuge Orisson Refund Policy

    I lost my money, call it a donation to them in these hard times. My flight rebooked for the 4th September this year & I have booked 2 nights in SJPP. I plan to walk 1/2 way up then catch the mountain shuttle down then mountain shuttle up the next day to where I left off & walk from there
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    Snack Bars made of Oats

    jsalt Flapjacks are the easiest thing to make. Give it a go you will surprise yourself
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    Snack Bars made of Oats

    You almost certainly had British flapjack. I use a recipe similar to Bristle boy. Mine comes from a 1952 cook book the only difference is the quantities 4 0z Margarine (better with butter but not so easy to get in 1952), 1 oz sugar, 2 tablespoons golden syrup, 8 oz rolled oats & 1/4 teaspoon...