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Recent content by paul.ferris

  1. paul.ferris

    Comment by 'paul.ferris' in media 'The Cathedral before they cleaned it up'

    Loved the patina of age before the reno
  2. paul.ferris

    CF Bed Bug Poll - For Those who were Bitten Only

    Be aware that both permethrin and Deet pose some health risk. Unless you are one of those who has a reaction to insect bites, given the small chance of bedbug contact, it would be healthier not to use toxins. Those who use them believe that Tea tree oil and lavender provide some protection.
  3. paul.ferris

    How long and steep are the downhills going from St Jean to Roncesvalles?

    Another strategy is to walk the beautiful Valcarlos route from SJPdP to Roncesvalles. Steep uphill at the end, but no steep downhills. Gorgeous scenery.
  4. paul.ferris

    Biarritz to SJPP

    I have stayed in a couple of places. Try airb&b.
  5. paul.ferris

    Biarritz to SJPP

    Local bus right outside the airport door will take you to the Bayonne train station where they will bus you (train doesn't seem to run anymore) to SJPDP. I have tended to overnight in beautiful Bayonne and get the first bus in the morning.
  6. paul.ferris

    Comment by 'paul.ferris' in media 'Morning Coffee Azofra'

    I noticed on our Camino in 2017 that a lot of villages now have a new coffee shop at the east end, where people get to first. Sometimes this has driven the original cafe out of business.
  7. paul.ferris

    All the ways that the movie “The Way” was spot on...

    My first CF was either before the movie 'The Way' was released or at least it was little known. So my Camino experience was before I saw the movie. Although I enjoyed it, the movie seemed very unlike anything that I had experienced.
  8. paul.ferris

    Confused about clothes for April/May on Camino Frances

    In 2013 April 17-May 17 Camino Frances we had snow going over the mountains from SJPDP. We had snow again just before Burgos. Wind on the meseta was hypothermic. I always take a toque and light gloves. Several layers but not doubles of each layer as the weight gets excessive. Do take extra pairs...
  9. Dodge the cattle

    Dodge the cattle

    Through farmland we walk.
  10. paul.ferris

    Comment by 'paul.ferris' in media 'Valcarlos no less'

    The basement route to Roncesvales from SJPDP turned out to be stunning. Some roadwork but little traffic, below the clouds through which our Napoleonic neighbours walked and we had it to ourselves
  11. Valcarlos no less

    Valcarlos no less

    April 2017. A pleasant surprise was the Valcarlos route through the Pyrenees.
  12. paul.ferris

    Comment by 'paul.ferris' in media 'Late April 2013 - Near Burgos'

    Yaying the Cruz de Fero is west of Astorga. It is smaller but is hoisted on a very tall pole and marks what was thought to be the high point on the Camino Frances
  13. paul.ferris

    Which part should I skip?

    If you are not concerned about a Compostella you can skip the crowds, lineups and aggravation of the last 100K.
  14. paul.ferris

    bed bugs

    This is when I usually mention Tea Tree Oil. It seems to have worked; was recommended by a farmacia on the camino (they might have some experience). And sleeping in neurotoxins scares the heck out of me