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Recent content by peregrinamaybe

  1. peregrinamaybe

    Married Couple and Pensiones

    My husband and I booked pensions periodically along the Camino del Norte. Price was always per room. When making the reservation, I always requested a room for two but typically did not specify the type of bed. Most of the pensions we stayed at weren't full so when we arrived we were typically...
  2. peregrinamaybe

    Money, credit card, passport+camino passport weather and security

    I’m glad a plastic bag worked for many but I would caution against it as the sole protection for important items. Many of our Ziploc bags developed tears along the seams. They just aren’t designed to be regularly opened for over a month. We put our passports and pilgrim credentials in a Ziploc...
  3. peregrinamaybe

    suggestions please

    Not sure if you walked from SdC to Finisterre/Muxia on your previous routes but you could combine that with Ingles? I’m considering that if I ever go back.
  4. peregrinamaybe

    Camino not for me?

    I echo the “you do you” sentiments above even if that means not walking the Camino. Also, don’t feel like you have to have a life changing experience. That’s a lot of pressure. I think the people most vocal about the Camino are the most likely to have had a life changing experience but I’m not...
  5. peregrinamaybe

    Shin splints

    I got shin splints about 24 days into the Camino del Norte last month but kept walking. Here’s what worked for me (I am not a medical professional): Took a day off two days after the pain started when it became clear it wasn’t just a passing issue. Read up on stress fractures v. shin splints...
  6. peregrinamaybe

    Starting the Camino del Norte on April 28th - any advice?

    My husband and I will start around the same time from Irun (April 27 or 28). We're expecting rain but hoping hoping it won't rain everyday (or at least not heavily). I have waterproof shoes, a rain jacket, and a backpack rain cover, but didn't really go out of my way on the rain prep. If we get...
  7. peregrinamaybe

    Number of shoes to take (and underwear and other stuff...)

    Hi ShaLaw, how much did your pack weigh (not including the actual pack)? You have pretty much described the amount that I want to take and I’ve given up on the 10% of body weight guideline, but I’m wondering what I’m getting myself into…
  8. peregrinamaybe

    Mar Stages

    I'm starting the Camino del Norte around April 25, so it sounds like the new version of the guidebook will be too late for me. If you/Cicerone decide to release any ARCs, though, I'm happy to write a review. . . . :)
  9. peregrinamaybe

    sleeping bag in April/May

    Hi all, my husband and I are planning to walk the Camino del Norte beginning in late-April. We're leaning toward bringing sleeping bags but I'm waffling because I've heard very strong opinions on both sides. I'm not sure if the discrepancy in opinion is due to different routes, different travel...
  10. peregrinamaybe

    Camino del Norte v. Via de la Plata in May?

    I've wanted to walk the Camino for years. My husband and I are/were excited about the prospect of walking the Camino del Norte in Spring 2018 but now I'm second guessing whether we should walk the Via de la Plata instead. We have some flexibility on dates in May/June but our preference would be...