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  1. poogeyejr

    microfiber towel poncho

    what wasn’t pleasant- the size or the Covers my whole body, I love it and it dries quickly. Buen Camino! Kathy
  2. poogeyejr

    Best stages of the Camino del Norte? (son-in-law in trouble)

    Hi Carlos, Did your in-laws walk??? What did I they choose??? Kathy
  3. poogeyejr

    Baby on Primitivo

    Great minds think alike. We were typing these two messages at the exact same time . . . 🥰
  4. poogeyejr

    Baby on Primitivo

    I haven’t done the Primitivo but I have done the Norte twice and often thought it a great route to take a baby. Baby in the rugged stroller or backpack in the rugged stroller when baby is on your back. There are some places that are too rough and the stroller would bounce a lot but that...
  5. poogeyejr

    Route planning guides to Camino [esp Norte]

    How many nights did you book - how far are you planning to walk each day??? (Just curious, living vicariously through you.)
  6. poogeyejr

    Wild Camping option and sufficient gear

    I know, I know insane but fear led the packing and I learnt my lesson the hard way!!!!
  7. poogeyejr

    Wild Camping option and sufficient gear

    What do you have in the Prepared category??? How big is your soap or shampoo? Are you taking something different to wash clothes with? Do you have makeup? Larger Hairbrush? Everything can be re-evaluated. You are walking from town to city to town- anything can be purchased at anytime. My...
  8. poogeyejr

    COVID Designing a Camino for the COVID-19 World

    I think the immune, the ones who have already had COVID-19, are the ones that are going to bring back the business to the Camino. They will be able to travel the world without the two-week Quarantine on either end, and will be able to re-infuse the economy with activities. While, I think you...
  9. poogeyejr

    Spain at 22.00 (10pm) last night...

    7pm in Vancouver BC. I live in the WestEnd and last night everyone came out onto their balconies and started cheering. We are only a few days behind.
  10. poogeyejr

    Packing recommendations please

    I found I took too much, I shipped my clothes to Santiago and kept . . . 1 pair walking pants/shorts (must be quick quick quick dry) 1 pair evening pants 1 walking shirt (must be quick quick quick dry) 1 evening shirt 1 outfit that doubles as pajamas and that i can wear when the rest gets washed...
  11. poogeyejr

    Raincoat or poncho?

    Altus Poncho with Shorts and gaiters over the shoes. You stay dry through any downpour. Kathy
  12. poogeyejr

    Silk Liner Feedback?

    It was a bunk with no ladder, shoved up against 4 other beds, so I woke 7 people everytime I got back up to my bed, but none of them realized why I kept getting up.
  13. poogeyejr

    Silk Liner Feedback?

    My first night I had to jump off the top bunk 3 times to retrieve my blanket . . . :eek:
  14. poogeyejr

    'Addiction'- an appropriate word for wanting to walk the Camino again (& again)?

    While I understand some people's sensitivity to the term addiction due to their life experiences Miriam Webster also defines addition as - a strong inclination to do, use, or indulge in something repeatedly. This may be a common use definition, that has been added over the years, but it...