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  1. Rambler

    Pilgrim badge gift :-)

    Amy, Can you share the contact info/website for the fella that makes these? Looks like a great gift for other future pilgrims. Thanks!! Rambler
  2. Rambler

    Container for soap?

    I got a Muji soap dish to take for my bar: In the end, I found it too small, so I went to Whole Foods and got one of their small clam shell clear plastic boxes with the lid attached you use to get spices or nuts. It is super...
  3. Rambler

    Santiago Garden Statue

    Very nice Rick!! Did you find that online? We have sculptors here in the US that use chainsaws to create statues in wood. I may try something like that... Rambler
  4. Rambler

    Santiago Garden Statue

    Thanks everyone. We are looking for a good way to represent the Camino in our garden and I was hoping to find something. I agree, it may be very expensive. Rambler
  5. Rambler

    Santiago Garden Statue

    I am looking for a garden statue of a pilgrim or Santiago that I can put in my yard as a remembrance of my Caminos. I remember seeing some small (2 foot) statues of rough stone when in Santiago, but cannot find anything on the Internet. Any ideas? Thanks. Rambler
  6. Rambler

    Rainware....From a different perspective

    Kanga, I so AGREE. An Altus in breathable fabric would be the perfect ticket! If I knew how to sew, we could start a gofundme company to make these for pilgrims. But listening to all the unbrellenthusiasts, it makes you wonder if an Altus is not always the best choice... :) It is great having...
  7. Rambler

    FICS Forum: Why Change the 100 km. rule to 300 km.?

    Being a practicing Catholic, it is intriguing that so much is being made out of a document that has no direct meaning to people that are not Christians. If the paper is not an issue for so many people, set a stack of Compostelas in front of the pilgrim office and let anyone that walks by have...
  8. Rambler

    Pilgrim with shattered wrist

    Today in the Atlanta airport I saw a young lady carrying a pack with The Shell. I stopped her to see if she was leaving or returning from the Camino. She had her arm fully bandaged and had shattered her wrist in a fall outside of Pamplona. Although having to undergo a long period in the...
  9. Rambler

    Men's Underwear Thread, anti-chafe/pro-support (NSFL 'not safe for ladies')

    I took these Uniqlo briefs on my last camino and loved them. They are much lighter than Exofficio shorts and not so long as to bind on your thigh like compression shorts do. I...
  10. Rambler

    Drawstring bag to hold backpack

    Cher, you may be referring to posts about professional laundry bags that you can use to protect your pack. Poll: Which backpacks are most popular on the Caminos? I actually still have several brand new ones of various colors and will send you one if you PM me. They are not all bright colors...
  11. Rambler

    Did you ever cook on your camino?

    We cooked a couple of times on our first Camino. If I recall, the allergies in Ponferada had a well equipped kitchen and it was there we met a group we finished with. We made pasta puttanesca and paella, mostly from remembered recipes. There was a frozen seafood mix we found in Portomarin that...
  12. Rambler

    Condolence book for Denise

    She has been in our thoughts and prayers for these many months. Sympathy to her family in the time of closure. Ivar, is it possible to have a mass said in her memory at the Cathedral in Santiago? I would be willing to donate to cover any cost. Rambler
  13. Rambler

    Please help my girly soft feet man up

    Pano: Sweeten it BEFORE you put your feet in. And if the milk curdles as your toes touch the hot tea, you need a shower... ;) Rambler
  14. Rambler

    Please help my girly soft feet man up

    Linni: I have done two things to toughen feet up with very good success: Soak feet in strong hot tea- I soaked my feet several weeks before my first Camino in about a gallon of very strong black tea. I have used family sixe tea bags and made it as hot as I could stand. Let the feet soak till...
  15. Rambler

    Lightening My Load Before I Go

    I took a Moleskine cahier journal. A 3 pack of these is fairly cheap, and I found them great for journaling on the Camino. They come with graph, ruled, or plain paper and a small sleeve inside for small tickets and other papers. Rambler