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Recent content by Rex

  1. Rex

    Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    On the Big Island (Hawaii) we are vaccinating 75 and older, plus teachers, medical, first responders and essential services workers. As a retiree volunteer with the state disaster recovery teams, I’ve been working in multiple clinics each week. Happy to report that we are within a few days of...
  2. Rex

    The FORUM...means what to you?

    So sorry for your loss... we'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
  3. Rex

    The FORUM...means what to you?

    When a gregarious person has been married to an introvert for nigh on 40 years and said gregarious person retires with a bucket list of things to do in the future, things that the introvert has little interest in doing, well the gregarious one needs to get out of the house for a few weeks. The...
  4. Rex

    EW....that's disgusting!

    Spam is still a staple for many families here in Hawaii. A relic of WW II and all the military bases here. I tried it once at the local cafe’s “plate lunch” and won’t be doing it again. Greasy, gristly mess.
  5. Rex

    Who wants an Ivar (Forum) pin?

    One of each... have pins from the previous walks, but will order a "badge/patch" while the etymologists figure out the correct nouns. ;>)
  6. Rex

    Forum Book Club - 1 - The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago (Gitlitz and Davidson)

    Have just begun to read the book, but have been skipping around to see what it says about various points I found interesting. I bought the Kindle version, and will definitely carry this with me on my next Camino. On the previous two Caminos (CF and CP), I carried my iPad (an extra bunch of...
  7. Rex

    Forum Book Club - Getting started, with book nominations

    I am amazed, but not surprised, by the wonderful list compiled in less than 24 hours. To C clearly for agreeing to put this together, and to all of those who have enriched my reading life by your submissions: Muchas gracias!! Reading, running and riding have been my sanity savers during the...
  8. Rex

    How can We Help more Camino Businesses?

    Thanks, Ivar... hope you are well and staying safe. Our vaccination rollout here in Hawaii is not going well, so 2021 looks like it will be another year lost for camino hiking, at least for me. Whatever we can do to help out the albergues (or your business), just keep us informed. Aloha.
  9. Rex

    Poll What (thread topics) shall we talk about?

    There was a coffee shop on the CP, about six miles north of Coimbra, where the barista took pictures of pilgrims and placed a pin in a map on the wall where you were from. It was a great break from walking and a great perspective on the universal appeal of the Caminos. My second day on the...
  10. Rex

    The Best Clothing ? And the winner is....

    Great thread and can't say that I haven't been doing a bit of daydreaming and planning in the same fashion as the OP... per usual, by the time I get around to things, I'm in the back of the pack. :>) Outdoor Research (OR) or Mountain Hardware (Columbia brand) base layer shirts, $10 rain poncho...
  11. Rex

    Socks colours - not a serious thread

    To paraphrase Henry Ford (when it came to early car colors)... I wear socks in all colors as long as they are black... :>) And they all come from Wright socks or Road Runner. Thus, I can mix and match every morning without the lights on.
  12. Rex

    How do you train for the Camino?

    On my first Camino, I had three days of more than 60,000 steps (into Logrono, into Castrojeriz, and into Santiago). Each of those days was about 26-27 miles of hiking. My training for the CF was just a switch from my normal running routine (still running competitive half-marathons at 65) to...
  13. Rex

    An Atheist Embraces the Camino

    Thanks for the generous thoughts and insights. As someone who grew up sheltered and privileged, I had certain dogma etched into my being. A couple of wise professors (theologians, no less!) helped open my mind to other ways of thinking and an older priest who often spoke of being a Zen...
  14. Rex

    2021 Camino Frances - will be more expensive !

    Thanks for this thread. I've been wondering about the costs going higher as the CF re-opens. Not going to stop me from walking, as I consider it both a pilgrimage and a chance to support those who have suffered through the pandemic and just happened to be in the hospitality business along a...
  15. Rex

    How the Via Francigena is Different from the Camino de Santiago

    Mahalo. Wonderful description. I was planning on starting the VF in May 2021, from Canterbury, but have pushed the start back a year. I came across the VF when I was cycling through the Jura Range in France and Switzerland a few years ago. Having already hiked the CF (2013) and the CP...