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    Do you "push off" when you walk?

    I agree about shorter steps and a flat foot placement. 500 miles of waking is tough on the feet, so I try to just pick them up and put them down with a minimum of “action”.
  2. Richmond Gardner

    How to finish this thing?

    I also came through Sarria on May 5, on the way to Santiago in 2017. Also quite busy then. Portomarin is a great stop along the way, with a nice restaurant overlooking an excellent view- so, highly recommend that. Also, Ezekiel’s (sp?) for pulpo, in Melide is a fun stop… maybe just go in October...
  3. Richmond Gardner

    How to finish this thing?

    I walked through Melide onto Santiago from the Primitivo, in early September. There were still BIG crowds and school groups with boom boxes etc… so I would not underestimate crowds into September. That said, a little further off season might well solve the crowding issue. The infrastructure...
  4. Richmond Gardner

    Advice needed with Camino del Norte route

    Hello there, I walked from Santillana Del Mar to Baamonde last October 10-28. The weather in that stretch was generally sunny and fairly warm. No guarantees, of course, but you are beyond the Basque rains and hills at that point- so, it offers an option if you are flexible about your starting...
  5. Richmond Gardner

    A plea!

    Not sure about that… everyone needs TP for a certain function
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    LIVE from the Camino @Wanderlustesq on the Primitivo

    Loved Sanblismo. I forget the proprietor’s name, but the facility is very good - dinner and atmosphere also made for a pleasant evening
  7. Richmond Gardner

    LIVE from the Camino My turn for a LIVE thread - starting from Lisbon

    You are a wiley operator! But seriously, I hope these experiences get folded into an experience that you can laugh about in the future. All the best to you and your great family (coming to the rescue)!
  8. Richmond Gardner

    Coping with change after Sarria - wisdom needed please

    Yup…just the noise, volume of people and massive infrastructure are jarring to the senses of the distance walker. For me, on my two times through this section, I tried to bring my focus inward and still found things to appreciate. I will say that I gleefully hopped on a train at Baamonde, last...
  9. Richmond Gardner

    LIVE from the Camino Caminho Português Interior - May 2022

    Jungle boy, I am in admiration of your beautiful photos. Continued Buen Camino, as you and Wendy transition into Galicia!
  10. Richmond Gardner

    LIVE from the Camino My turn for a LIVE thread - starting from Lisbon

    It’s been a bumpy journey @trecile . My wife might say that “this was not in her brochure”!…i hope that your energy returns and that your recovery is imminent, so that you can continue along the way.
  11. Richmond Gardner

    LIVE from the Camino running short on time where to cut?

    There was a small book written about the Camino, whose title was La Via Lactia ( The Milky Way)!
  12. Richmond Gardner

    LIVE from the Camino My turn for a LIVE thread - starting from Lisbon

    Sorry to hear of your troubles… booking ahead puts a more rigid schedule in place. Add in heat and some anxiety and suddenly Camino life seems more pressurized. So, I wonder how you can take some of thi pressure off yourself. Can you book only 2 or 3 days at a time, to allow for breaks and...
  13. Richmond Gardner

    Caminos by Season

    I am thinking the Primitivo would be at least difficult, during the winter
  14. Richmond Gardner

    Puente la reina

    It comes early in the Camino, but is one of my favorite towns. A charming and worthy stopover
  15. Richmond Gardner

    Lyon Accommodations

    And after reading the article, it seems to be a really perfect destination!