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Rent a house in Santiago (1 month minimum)
300m from the cathedral and around the corner from the fresh food market in Santiago. Perfect place to tele commute from (1GB symmetrical connection).

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  1. Richmond Gardner

    Will you walk a Camino in 2021?

    I haven’t booked rooms yet...but, was thinking October on the Le Puy and Invierno might not be popular. Looks like I should revisit that😬
  2. Richmond Gardner

    Thinking of starting from SJPdP in September? Consider this

    I am hoping that 9/31-10/15 ish will be a good time for the Le Puy- Cahors. It is really a weighing of weather and crowd numbers. Then it’s off to Ponferrada for the Invierno into Santiago... I think as long as I don’t get drenched every day, I should be comfortable and not too crowded... but, I...
  3. Richmond Gardner

    An Atheist Embraces the Camino

    I like to think of a Camino as an odyssey... for some, that may be a religious pilgrimage and for others a different voyage of discovery. Many of us are able to support each other and share our experiences. What ever you want to call that, I look forward to walking again soon
  4. Richmond Gardner

    What to do and not to do in a Refugio/Albergue

    I have two kinds of footwear on Camino...the daily hiking choice and flip flops- that I immediately change into after arrival and wear into the shower.
  5. Richmond Gardner

    Flight booked! Praying to the lucky rabbit's foot...

    We may arrive about the same time... I have a flight to Barcelona on 9/27 and plan to take a hopper flight to Lyon on the 29th. Probably walking 16 days, starting from Le Puy on 9/30. In any case - Bon Chemin!
  6. Richmond Gardner

    Get QR code to enter Spain

    As in “Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me!”😆
  7. Richmond Gardner

    On the Camino, on this date in May...

    On this day May 1, 2017, I climbed up from Vega de Valcarce over the hills to O Cebreiro and beyond. After so much warm weather on the meseta, it was a real surprise. The next day everything was sunny and green😆
  8. Richmond Gardner

    Where to sleep in Sevilla

    I feel your pain, as a certain President used to say... I hope you get a vaccine soon. I just got my second Moderna version today
  9. Richmond Gardner

    Where to sleep in Sevilla

    Are we twitching over phonetic spelling yet, @Raggy? Breath deeply
  10. Richmond Gardner

    Camino Chat app (WhatsApp/Messenger for the forum)

    Says “ not available in my country or region (Rhode Island, USA). Hopefully that will change! I like the idea
  11. Richmond Gardner

    Keeping my fingers crossed for September.

    I am booked on a flight to Barcelona, arriving 9/27. After a day there, I plan to to walk 17 ish days from Le Puy and then join a friend in Ponferrada to walk the Invierno into Santiago. We shall see what develops in the intervening 5 months...but, I am very hopeful. Of course, at the end, one...
  12. Richmond Gardner

    Le Puy to Santiago: a few random thoughts

    Excellent and comprehensive post Michael. If I had more time and this virus wasn’t a game changer, I would walk the Le Puy to SJPP and keep right on going to Santiago, via the Invierno on the final section. As I have a month, I think it may be Le Puy to the middle of your second section and then...
  13. Richmond Gardner

    On the Camino, on this date in April...

    Whoops! Looks like the Frances
  14. Richmond Gardner

    On the Camino, on this date in April...

    Is this on the Invierno? Hoping to walk there in October!