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When you walk the Camino, and suddenly a pandemic appears
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  1. RJM

    Birds & Insects on the Camino

    I really like raptors and on the Camino Frances I always see many, of a few varieties. Of course there's the large griffon vultures one sees the first day in the Pyrenees out of SJPdP, but I also frequently see a variety of hawks slowly doing circles over the agriculture fields, hunting for...
  2. RJM

    Experiences of ghosts, premonitions or presences?

    When doing the Frances three years ago I was the only occupant one night at an albergue in one of the smaller towns before Logrono. It had a fair sized dorm with several beds on the second floor, above a bar. I was surprised that I was the only one for the night because while it was the end of...
  3. RJM

    Experiences of ghosts, premonitions or presences?

    I was never a believer nor disbeliever in terms of the spiritual world, paranormal etc until about thirty years ago my ex and I lived in a small house in the country. We rented it for three years. It was built in the early twentieth century. Not long after moving in we started experiencing the...
  4. RJM

    Two stamps from Sarria to Santiago????

    Getting two stamps a day extremely easy to do for the entire Camino Frances from Saint Jean to Santiago. The stretch from Sarria no different. If averaging 20 km's a day, it's less than a week to do. If you have to, just find a sheet of paper to attach to your credentials.
  5. RJM

    Top Tips starting from St JeanPied de Port

    I think the OP asked would Merrell Moab shoes be adequate to walk the Camino Frances with and the answer is of course they are. That's probably the one variety of footwear I've personally seen the most pilgrims wearing, including me twice on the Frances. There's really no need for the OP to buy...
  6. RJM

    Top Tips starting from St JeanPied de Port

    Your Merrell Moabs more than adequate to walk from St Jean to Fisterre and beyond. I've walked that twice in Merrell Moab shoes. Not a problem. Easy peasy.
  7. RJM

    On the Camino, on this date in August

    August 28th 2019-Camino Frances Hontanas to Castrojeriz Short walking day. In Castrojeriz stayed at the municipal, San Esteban. Nice albergue. Those two big pooches in the roadway were quite harmless.
  8. RJM

    A note on reserving beds and the spirit of the Camino

    It may be several years before the Camino(s) become "normal" again, if they even ever do. Normal in the sense of accommodations, logistics, prices etc. May not be able to put the toothpaste back into the tube, so to speak. So I would think just walk it however you can, stay wherever you can. If...
  9. RJM

    doing multiple caminos

    If you do not want a compostela, why get in a line and get one? I really dislike being in lines ever since the military where it seemed like one was in a perpetual line for everything, especially onboard ship. No way would I wait in a line to receive a compostela if I did not want one. So many...
  10. RJM

    On the Camino, on this date in August

    August 24th 2019-Camino Frances Belorado to San Juan de Ortega Got to San Juan and stopped for a break. Was going to walk to Ages, but changed my mind and ended up staying at the big public albergue, San Juan. Went to mass later and had the communal meal as well. The albergue was quite full.
  11. RJM

    Travel company or do it myself?

    Do you have a copy of a latest guidebook to the Frances? If not you can get one here. I personally recommend the Brierley. I know a lot of people swear by apps on their phones, but there really is nothing like having a good guidebook to research the Camino beforehand.
  12. RJM

    doing multiple caminos

    I walked the Portugues on one credential, then in Santiago got the credential for the Camino Fisterre and walked it, bused back to Santiago and made my way to Pamplona and walked the Frances on yet another credential. Three in total. Only reason I used three was because simply not enough room on...
  13. RJM

    Leave no Trace?

    Yes, everyone has different tastes in art, but without a doubt that pilgrim sculpture was erected on top of that hill with the permission of whatever or whomever owns or controls the property. Nobody snuck up there and anonymously built it. No laws were broken. Nobody damaged property not...
  14. RJM

    Bypassing Sarria to get to Santiago

    Do not be put-off by the possibility (and it is just a possibility) that Sarria will be over crowded with pilgrims. Yes it is the starting point for so many, but every time I have been there (and that is several) I always easily found a bed and a meal (stayed in private and municipal albergues...
  15. RJM

    Leave no Trace?

    The stickers, while rude and pretty much just plain dumb, deteriorate and disappear. The actual painted/permanent marker graffiti is unfortunately there for years unless removed using solvents and cleaners, perhaps even at times sandblasted off. If one looks at the graffiti from simply a...