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  1. Singingheart

    Illness, injury, recovery and hopes for the Camino Frances this Spring/Summer

    What a remarkable and moving story, Dhollo! Your indomitable spirit shines through it. I'm reminded of Raynor Winn's books, "The Salt Path" and "The Wild Silence", which you may know, the memoirs about Raynor's husband Moth, and his own struggle with a different disorder. The similarity is how...
  2. Singingheart

    How to walk a virtual camino in my local area and sync with Camino?

    For all of you using Walking4fun, can you tell me if the Premium upgrade from the free app is worth the cost? I'll gladly do that if it adds measurably to the experience.
  3. Singingheart

    How to walk a virtual camino in my local area and sync with Camino?

    Thanks so much. I didn't know this existed. I'm starting out virtually on June 1 with Annie O'Neil on her Pilgrimage In Place FB page and this will help immeasurably.
  4. Singingheart

    Update on Anniesantiago

    It’s so good to hear such positive news. You have many friends here praying for a quick recovery.
  5. Singingheart

    Ode to the Camino

    Beautiful. Thank you!
  6. Singingheart

    Reflecting on the Camino

    This is beautiful and takes me back instantly to the wonder of the Camino, of each of my Caminos. Thank you Paul!
  7. Singingheart

    'Love, Light & Nature'

    I LOVE “ In your heart and home, Peace.” Can I borrow that to sign my Christmas cards next year? “ All is well” is also perfect, unless all isn’t well. Of course all is always well in a mystical sense.
  8. Singingheart

    Starting slowly on the Le Puy route

    Thanks. I started looking at the Michelin guide today, for the route,not where to stay. I like the stage maps, because they are so easy to read. I’ve worked out a tentative itinerary, not to be locked into it but to know how much time to allow, when buying a plane ticket.
  9. Singingheart

    Minor Glitch Hopefully - Asking for Prayers

    You are in our hearts and fervent prayers, Annie. Many virtual hugs from here. {{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ Annie}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  10. Singingheart

    A pet peeve

    On the other hand, it was a Camino presentation by a woman just retired that made me fall in love madly with the Camino in 2014, head over heels. Her talk, with a marvelous slide show, was informative, funny, totally honest about pain and pitfalls, practical and inspirational. Before she had...
  11. Singingheart

    Starting slowly on the Le Puy route

    Wow, thank you, Kitsambler. Forewarned is forearmed.
  12. Singingheart

    Starting slowly on the Le Puy route

    Thank you for your good suggestions. I have the Michelin guide you mention, although I haven't yet had a chance to get familiar with it. I've also ordered the Miam Miam Dodo, which so many pilgrims recommend. I haven't thought about taking short steps on ascents, but I'm sure that's exactly what...
  13. Singingheart

    Starting slowly on the Le Puy route

    Thanks. I’ve ordered the Miam Miam Dodo guide. It’s good to hear another endorsement of it.