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    Practical Tips to take care of about 2 weeks before you leave for the Camino...

    Something a neighbor of mine did... Pay a local kid $1 a day to pick up your mail. It ensures you get your mail grabbed continuously (as thieves are known to check mailboxes for overstuffing, showing a lack of activity at a home). and can teach a young kid something like responsibility. Hey, it...
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    Religious Habit/Cassock

    Wow, to be frank, I wasn't expecting so many great replies. Thank you everyone! I'm hoping to walk at the end of August through September. I appreciate all the support and, with the help of this forum, hopefully I'll prepare well enough. Buen Camino!
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    Religious Habit/Cassock

    I'm planning on wearing shorts and a t-shirt under it. Those are probably the only things I'll really launder unless I have to. This cassock I haven't washed in, yes this is disgusting, almost a year. And I wear it around quite often. Keeping on some under clothes keeps the body gunk off if...
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    Religious Habit/Cassock

    So I'm going to be doing the Camino near the end of summer and had a bit of a thought/worry. I'm a seminary student a few years out from ordination. The tradition where I'm from is the habit/cassock is worn very frequently. I've been wanting to do the Camino for many years and now that I have...