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    Casa rural in Vianas just canceled

    There is nothing anywhere near Penasillas, no albergues either municipal or private.
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    Penasillas - Taberna do Peto questions

    Just spoke with them. No rooms to rent. Much thanks
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    Penasillas - Taberna do Peto questions

    Does anyone know if Taberna do Peto in Penasillas has rooms to rent above their bar? Tried calling and no answer. Much thanks - 73
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    Complete your Camino de Santiago at Burger King in Leon!!!

    Just found this in looking through old photos...Gave me a good laugh.
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    Complete your Camino de Santiago at Burger King in Leon!!!

    This falls under the category of "I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it myself.......
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    Camino de Invierno Backpack Transfer

    Correos confirmed this morning that they do not cover the Invierno. Oh well........ Assuming I can't find a way to carry my stuff in a waist bag, Billy may be my mule. On my last Camino, everything I took weighed less than 5 pounds. I am looking to trim that weight even further. We can make...
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    Camino de Invierno Backpack Transfer

    Does anyone know if backpack transfers are available on the Camino de Invierno? Seems like Jacotrans and others concentrate on the Camino Frances. I am having shoulder surgery this week, and carrying a pack in April might be problematic. Much thanks - Steve
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    Mass Times in other Santiago Churches

    Is anyone aware of a resource that lists Mass times for other churches in Santiago de Compostela, not the cathedral? I do enjoy an early morning Mass. - Thanx
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    Doing laundry along the Invierno

    Step 1 - Get in the shower with all your clothes on Step 2 - Wash/rinse your clothes on your body Step 3 - Walk around until dry. I did this during my 2012 Camino Frances in the summer, and got by with only the clothes on my back and a spare. Really looking forward to going on the...
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    Anybody else walking The Invierno during Easter 2019?

    I am arriving in Monforte de Lemos on April 23rd. Maybe we will cross paths.......Steve
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    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    In May of 2017, I too brought an Osprey pack with rain cover, but only a jacket, no poncho. What I found is that in driving rain, water seeps between the pack and your back and gets to the inside of your backpack. I didn't realize this flaw until after I left. Solution was to alter a poncho...
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    What's the craziest thing you have done to save weight?

    Not including my backpack or water, my entire load for my May, 2017 Camino weighed approximately 5 pounds, 2.25 kilos. Some tips: - I agree with bringing your scale to the store. I did that to weigh shirts, socks and shorts. Again, the lightweight camping gear is great. Super light and...
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    Rain Pants?

    I took a set of Frogg Toggs rainwear. For 20 bucks, they were completely waterproof, and held up better than some of the $200.00 goretex jackets I saw. I walked the Camino Frances in late May 2017, and some of the rain was simply driving. Rain pants, even for those with ponchos, were...
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    Numbers leaving from SJPP in August

    I left from St Jean on September 1, 2016. Crowds were large both because it was the beginning of the month and because it was a
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    I started my passport in 2012 in Burgos, walking only to Astorga. I filled the remainder of that Passport in 2014 walking from Astorga to SDC. I did run out of space and had to start a new Passport. However, the Pilgrim office in SDC had no problem joining the two passports to issue my...

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