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Recent content by stpatricksbhoy

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    Has your camino experience changed who you are as a person?

    The Holy Father preached the same message in Scotland during his September visit and the Church faces the same problems in Scotland as in Spain.I am sure the last thing he would think about is who is the better pilgrim.God Bless all the the pilgrims irrespective of how they arrive in Santiago or...
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    Well done and God Bless You. stpatricksbhoy.
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    No free treatment for sick pilgrims

    If the amount of Spanish wine drunk becomes a qualification for health care in Spain I will be due a rebate.Seriously you should never travel without health care insurance. Buen Camino, stpatricksbhoy.
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    planning trip 2011

    mel410, Do your pilgrimage your way that is all that matters.I recently did the one day pilgrimage to Bellahouston to see the Holy Father ,in November I am off to the Holy Land with the Archdiocese of Glasgow Pilgrimage.Next Year God willing I will walk the Camino Frances it's what...
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    Hilda, God bless and good luck, Buen Camino. stpatricksbhoy. :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
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    A Novena of Prayer to St. James: July 16-25

    Happy Saint James day to all on the Camino and the site. God Bless, Buen Camino. stpatricksbhoy
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    Race for Beds in July ...

    I am slightly concerned by these comments,I am due to leave SJPP on the 24th of August I have no intention of leaving in the middle of the night and participating in a race for a bed as an older pilgrim my racing days are long gone.I am thinking of changing to one of the less popular routes.My...
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    What have I done? I just made a point of no return decision!

    Annie, Walking skills ok ,training going well ,the problem is DOB,thanks for all the advice. Buen Camino, stpatricksbhoy.
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    What have I done? I just made a point of no return decision!

    Annie, I am leaning towards stoping in Orisson better safe than sorry. Regards, Buen Camino , stpatricksbhoy.
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    What have I done? I just made a point of no return decision!

    Nicki2009, Did you walk SJPP to Roncesvalles in one day,how long did it take,how did you feel,as a sixty two year old I am slightly concerned about day one.I leave on the 25th of August. Buen Camino, stpatricksbhoy. :) :arrow: :arrow:
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    Accommodation in St. Jean Peid de Port

    Hi Rowena, I will leave SJPP on the 25th of August,hope to see on the Camino.Good Luck. Buen Camino, stpatricksbhoy.
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    Race for Beds in July ...

    keilnirby - how profound the ultimate bed bug cure.You have just made my day. Buen Camino, stpatricksbhoy. :) :) :arrow: :arrow:
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    Santiago at last

    Sandra, Well done and I am glad that that you had an very enjoyable Camino.I have been following your blog and you have given me great inspiration for my Camino in August. God bless you. stpatricksbhoy. :) :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
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    Computer security along the Camino?

    I intend to book my return flight on line from somewhere near Santiago.I will use my Visa Electron card,you can only use this card if you have money in the account,I intend to have a small amount to cover my return flight.I will cancel the card when I return home and a request a new...