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    knees -- braces?

    Agreed! See a physical therapist ASAP to learn exercises to strengthen the surrounding muscles and do them every day. Stretch whenever you can!
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    A new threat to my pilgrim tolerance and zen-like state of relaxation

    I think that's the most important point. For those of you who easily sleep through distractions - bravo, you have been gifted. But please remember that many people don't sleep as deeply as you and need that extra hour of sleep like it was air itself.
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    Which shoes should I wear in September \ October?

    I walked in Hoka trail runners the whole CF way in mid-Sept-Oct. Very comfortable, no blisters and I was such a fan of those lighter shoes! Stuffed with paper, they dried overnight if I got them wet. But I developed knee and plantar fasciitis problems within 6 weeks of returning home. I've...
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    Rehydration and electrolytes on the Camino Portugues

    No, don’t. It gets the tube all gummed up.
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    Heel pain

    And stretch your calves, hamstrings and hips. A lot of times, this is where Plantar fasciitis originates (If that’s what it is). It makes sense after doing many days of walking; everything tightens up... but that doesn’t always work well for your feet. Don’t ignore the pain, see your...
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    Stuff I was wrong about - And Trail Runners

    I walked the French in Hokas last year, I believe the Arahi. They were so comfortable, light weight, came in wide and saved my lower back. And no blisters! The down side is that I developed plantar fasciitis about 4 months later. The podiatrist believes it's because I didn't have enough arch...
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    Post-Camino shoe observations

    Ask a podiatrist for sure, but I took it to mean the ability for the shoe to twist. My doctor picked up my shoe with one hand on the front and one hand on the back, twisted it side to side, did the same with my store-bought orthotics and said both were too loose, which allowed my foot to move...
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    Post-Camino shoe observations

    Hoka runners in wide were a great solution for my fat feet. I chose them for the cushioning,which did a great job of protecting my lower back from the strain of pounding on hard-packed trails....and no blisters. I'm so glad I didn't wear heavy hiking boots! BUT, now, months after CF, I have...
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    First Camino Gear Questions (Hoka One One, Socks, Pacer Poles, Sea to Summit Spark SPII)

    You have a great list. Seems like a lot of weight though. Agree on Lush tin- it was impenetrable when wet, so I used a tiny jewelry mesh bag. And I used my headlamp many many times, especially when pre-dawn risers woke me (daily) and I just gave up sleep and started walking in the dark. Yes...
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    Availability of electrolytes in the stores?

    I did find that dietary supplements were notably more expensive in Spain. Also worth looking for natural foods stores ( herbalistas?).
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    American debit card in European ATM?

    Sometimes I had to try a few ATMs in one town to find one that worked for me. The app, MapsMe, helped me find them. Download the city map while you’re in WiFi BEFORE you need it.
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    Fully booked Albergue de Peregrinos (Roncesvalles)

    Not my experience at 6 pm last September. We were turned away in the rain and found an excellent Casa Rural with private rooms and great food only 2 km away. Wish I remembered the name, but there were several to choose from.
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    Rucksack/backpack size?

    Fit is most important, of course. My 38 liter Osprey was perfect for autumn CF, and I wouldn’t have wanted one that was smaller after watching a friend struggle daily with her 29 liter zippered pack. But don’t forget that packs can vary greatly in weight, an important factor in your decision.
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    Barefoot hiking shoes/boots?

    I just attended a lecture by a podiatrist and a physical therapist on foot injuries. They basically said that the ‘barefoot’ shoe craze has been very good for business (i.e.; created lots of plantar and ankle injuries).
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    Runners or trail runners?

    Wore Hoka runners in WIDE for CF last Sept/ October. No problems at all and I’d wear them again, fully appreciative of the spongy base, which still has tread left. But they might have been slippery if we’d had heavy rain.

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