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Recent content by Susan M Fron

  1. Susan M Fron

    What was your meltdown point?

    I don't know if I would call this a meltdown per se, but the morning I left Pamplona I was very, very tired and very frustrated. The day before I had traveled in to Pamplona, had to pick up a SIM card finally and got into the old Town using my Google maps rather than following the signs because...
  2. Susan M Fron

    The New Compostela Queuing System

    When is "too late"?
  3. Susan M Fron

    The New Compostela Queuing System

    To me, this is still first come, first served, you just don't have to stay in one place to wait. Am I missing something?
  4. Susan M Fron

    Taxi Share 2019 TAXI SHARE Thread Santiago to Sarria

    Looking for a ride share from Santiago airport to Sarria on 28 September 2019 after 12:55 pm. Thanks
  5. Susan M Fron

    Cheap but fine equipment

    I have lots of used gear. But I had a hard time with a backpack, so I got an Osprey, and shoes are new, too. But pants are from eBay, shirts are Tek gear from Kohl's bon sale. Love bargains!
  6. Susan M Fron

    Best Women's Hiking Trouser for any Camino?

    I think discovery zip n go. I bought them used on eBay.
  7. Susan M Fron

    Best Women's Hiking Trouser for any Camino?

    I like Royal Robbins. Fit me well, zip off to shorts. I like my Royal Robbins pants. The zip off to shorts and they are not short shorts. They fit me well.
  8. Susan M Fron


    I will be starting mine the same day!
  9. Susan M Fron

    SIM card

    Good information. Thanks.
  10. Susan M Fron

    SIM card

    Thank you. Now I can compare.
  11. Susan M Fron

    SIM card

    Thanks. I do live in USA, but don't travel outside the country. This is my first trip. So, I guess you're saying I will need to switch Sim cards? I guess I'm not sure why that is if Verizon has international calling?
  12. Susan M Fron

    SIM card

    I am going in August and today was the first I heard about needing a Sim card. I have Verizon and was going to add on the internal plan for the time I'm gone. Do I still need a Sim card?
  13. Susan M Fron

    WiFi along route and which route to take

    I got the 2 round prong adapter with 2 USB ports. I don't need an electrical converter as I'm not taking anything to electrical.

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