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    Wet feet

    Take the liners out, dry with balled up newspaper. Have a second pair of insoles which you can use whilst the first dry. Non gore tex shoes might mean you get your feet wet but this is offset by the speed in which they dry out.
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    Any wild life safety concerns on the French Way??

    I saw loads of field mice, a weasel, a rat, deer and birds of prey. In late July hundreds of storks - a fabulous sight especially when they are airborne. Buen Camino
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    Luxury items

    A big bottle of body lotion, worth every bit of the extra weight 😂
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    UK Ladies Share Your Shoes Info!

    Hi Lucy, I am from the UK and I walked last July/August. I too have slightly wide feet and usually take a 4 in trainers. I did a lot of research before buying my footwear and it paid off as I experienced no problems at all with my feet. I ended up with Salomon Xa Pro 3d but in a size 5 which...
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    Ladies Osprey Packs

    I used the Tempest 30. I chose this as I am petite and the adjustable back length enabled me to fit this perfectly for my frame. Also I needed to take my pack on the plane as cabin luggage and this met the size requirements perfectly. I loved this pack, I liked the pockets in the top which I...
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    Reading while on the Camino

    I left my kindle at home but read my books on the Kindle app on my phone instead. I really enjoyed wandering down to a bar after I had finished walking for the day and sitting there with a nice glass of wine whilst I read.
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    Carry-on Size Backpack

    My Osprey 32l easily met the carry on requirements. I used drysacs to compress everything as much as possible.
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    Of Camino, My Wife, and Once-In-A-Lifetime Pressures

    The secret to being a good wife is to manage your husband so that they have no idea they are being managed 🤣🤣
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    Of Camino, My Wife, and Once-In-A-Lifetime Pressures

    Buen Camino to Gill, hope as a newbie she loves it as much as I did as a newbie this year. As for the underwear questions, sports bras and microfibre knickers (they dry so much faster and are lighter)! Enjoy.
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    Good backpack for small woman

    I am only petite and the Osprey Tempest 30 fitted perfectly, and the back is adjustable. I would advise her to go to a good outdoor shop to be properly fitted with weight in it.
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    Camino Canal Boat near Frómista.

    I recently walked through Fromista. You can do a trip down the canal on this boat and there is a reduced price for pilgrims, I think it was €2 for a half hour trip. They also have a stamp for your credencial!
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    My First Camino

    Buen Camino Tom, have a magical experience and stay safe.
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    Rioja Alta Golf Club, Ciruena

    I stopped off there a couple of weeks ago. Considering we were soaking wet they were very helpful and the Paella they had on the bar top was delicious! Stayed there until our ponchos had dried off! Horrible urbanisation though, like a ghost town but not as pretty!
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    All About Osprey

    I had to get the 30 as I could only take on cabin baggage. Still a great pack 👍
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    All About Osprey

    I have just done my first Camino, and the first time I have ever carried a pack. I can honestly say that I loved my Osprey Tempest which I bought after having done lots of research. The only thing I would have added is a separate zipped compartment at the base - please shake Mike's hand for me -...

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