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    SNORING!! I am the Champion!

    Perhaps if you don't like earplugs, and sleep that lightly, YOU should be the one to get the hotel. No one snores on purpose. They would prefer they didn't. It comes as naturally as breathing. In the refugios one must put up with all sorts of irritations, some of which are genuinely...
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    SNORING!! I am the Champion!

    I walked the camino 2 years ago and was always leave early and arrive early (hot water/choice of beds). One day I'm sitting in my bunk at the far wall all by myself (first arrival bonus) when this large older man waddled over to my corner and acted like he was going to get the lower bunk right...
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    Starting next week

    I walk two years ago and no problem finding a bed during September/October. However, I did start walking each day before 6 the albergues some people would usually turn out the lights while we were out eating around 8:30 pm...when 5:30 am came around I was wide awake after a long 8 - 9...
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    camino numbers

    Does anyone have a link for how many people have completed the camino this year? Thanks
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    Sporting Goods Store in St. Jean

    Does the sporting goods store in St. Jean sell pairs of hiking poles? If so, what are the general prices. I want to only have a carry on bag and may leave my poles at home...thanks
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    group dining

    Does anyone have a list of the albergues that have community dinners for pilgrims. Last time I walked I stayed in Granon and loved the bonding over dinner. I'm hoping to return and walk in September/October.
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    Race for Beds in July ...

    I walked the Camino Frances in September/October 2007 and the race for beds was on in most places, but not others. In several of the albergues someone would turn the ligh off (if they could get away with it) at 9 pm or so. I would come back from dinner to a dark room and would respect the...
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    Camino numbers for 2008

    Does anyone have numbers for 2008?
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    Camino del Norte guide

    I live in the US. Can I order a good english guide with maps on any web site? I plan on walking in September/October and would like the security of a guide. Thanks///
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    light sleeper

    I look at this issue another way. If you are a heavy snoreryou should take it upon yourself to stay away from the albergues. I found that the pilgrims that snored very loadly had no issue with keeping people awake, but would get upset when they could here me packing my things in the morning to...
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    Busy Camino

    When I walked the Camnio last September/October most of the albergues were full by mid afternoon. I enjoyed getting up early and walking alone for 2 hours before the sun came up. I would sleep with my clothes for the next day on, have all my things I needed in the morning in a pillow case by...
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    Busy Camino

    I read somewhere that the number of people reaching Santiago in March went up from 1500 last year to over 5000 this year. Is this so? Does anyone have the numbers to compare April? I walked it last September/October and the crowds really got to me. I can't imagine the numbers going up by 3...
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    Advice For Non Spanish Speakers

    I walked the camino in September/October and wished I had brought a few books to read and less clothes to wear. You can wash your clothes pretty much every day, but after the first 2 or 3 albergues everyone has tossed theire extra weight - books among the weight. I stayed in small villages...
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    Numbers For 2007

    Does anyone have the numbers for the year so far? I feel the numbers were way up this year - at least that's what I heard all during my walk in September/October...
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    Walkers in the dark

    I finished walking the camino in the middle of October. I stayed for 33 days in albergues. In several of them the pilgrims turned off the lights around 9 - 9:30 pm and I got some attitude when I came back from dinner and turned on the lights to pack for the morning. I learned to pack before...