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Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.
Camino walkers love this gripping, intriguing, mystery with history novel.

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    Virtual walk on the Camino de Madrid - Detailed planning

    Totally agree. There are more than enough bars, eateries etc, and most people are only going to arrive in the late afternoon, shower, eat, drink, sleep and be gone early the next day. Anywhere can be fine for a short stay.
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    Virtual walk on the Camino de Madrid - Detailed planning

    All this stuff about the Madrid is making me think that a third walk might not be a bad thing next year. The great thing about this walk is how it makes a really handy two week break.
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    Virtual walk on the Camino de Madrid - Detailed planning

    I really would not be in a rush to leave Madrid to start the Camino if you can possibly swing it, or spend time there at the end. You are in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with fabulous Art galleries, food, architecture, gardens, great transport etc etc. It has a budget for...
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    !!!Second man masturbating naked on the camino del norte!!!

    I'm just glad that the what3words came out appropriately 😁. I really don't think this is a reason why women shouldn't walk alone. These stupid things can happen absolutely anywhere, and thankfully, are very rare everywhere. It sounds like the O/P did all the right things.
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    Brain cells? Olvidado May 2022?

    It's been so long since the last Camino, I'm feeling like a newbie!! The weather in the UK has started to turn for the worse so have been dusting down the old notes for Olvidado and beyond (Invierno?) and dreaming of better, warmer places. This was going to be done pre-Covid but thinking of a...
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    Thinking about Camino de Madrid Here are the notes from the second time I did the Madrid, combined with a few other Caminos - what a truly glorious trip that was! It brought it all back, reading through them again. The notes from...
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    Trekking pole donation

    I've never seen or heard of this but would be very useful. Could you post a link to the agreement please?
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    Thinking about Camino de Madrid

    I've walked it twice and rate it highly; there is a great cross-section of experiences, is historical esp Roman, it's a much less busy route but with (had) good infrastructure and if you only have 2 weeks, this is a great choice. Its also easy to get to Madrid and start (or end). That day's walk...
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    And we're off - the Lycian way ....

    I don't know about any specific routes other than the one I walked. On a general note though, if you've got the time, just go for it. Turkey is fabulous everywhere. It's a massive country with a big heart, lots of diversity, with top food, friendly, helpful natives, tonnes of history, a great...
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    And we're off - the Lycian way ....

    It was a while ago now but ask away...
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    The Garden of Happy Endings

    *Barbara is a dear friend of mine" When you next see her, could you ask her if an editor or the publisher pulled her to one side before publication and said, "Listen Babs. 'Bout the title of your new book ....."
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    The Garden of Happy Endings

    I'm glad it ended happily for her. 😁.
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    The Garden of Happy Endings

    The Garden of Happy Endings? (Schoolboy snigger) a book is called that? Really?
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    COVID Did anyone start an albergue just before lockdown?

    That was very unlucky and I hope you found a way through it. If you did, post who you are and I'll definitely put you on my list of places to stay in when things improve.
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    COVID Domestic air travel in Spain

    By the time you have faffed about at the airport, and getting to and from the airports to your hotel, you may find that getting a train isn't a much longer journey? It's certainly a comfy, relaxing, interesting one on the train.