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Prokinetics Insoles

I have done various Caminos: Nine times on foot and once on a bike. Like many others my feet hyper-pronate and I always got blisters and sometimes knee pain. Before discovering Prokinetics, I returned from the Camino with a pretty bad inflammation in 2nd and 3rd metatarsals that just would not go away. I bought a book on trigger point therapy and in that book was a link to the company's website. Besides hyper-pronating I discovered that I have what is called Mortons toe or Morton's foot which is when your big toe is shorter than the second toe. I ordered the insoles and about 3 weeks later my pain was gone and I have zero problems or blisters since. I have tried orthotics, two expensive pairs on separate occasions which I just left in the trash on the way because they only caused me discomfort.
The insoles come with a 90 day money back guarantee, so giving them a try is totally risk free - plenty of time to return them if they did not work for you. Prokinetics insoles coupled with non water proof Trail runners and light wool socks is how I walk today, rain snow or shine.
Great for cycling too I just completed the Via del la plata up to Gijon via Camino Del Norte to Santiago and then on to Porto via the costal route, 1600 Km with no problems. The insoles help align the knees while cycling.
Prokinetics insoles are the only product that uses the Neuromuscular system to correct the timing of your gait cycle. They correction works while you walk.
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