The Lady, the Cat and the Wolf Boy 2014-11-29

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The Lady, the Cat and the Wolf Boy
The pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela wasn't supposed to be like this.
The boy came trying not to give a crap about anything anymore, and the girl came determined not to take any crap from anybody anymore.
Wolf boy came to meet his maker.
The cat and the Lady came to make a mess.

Warning: This book contains language.
Blasphemous language. Bad language. Foul language. The F-word, the N-word, the other F-word, the S-word, the G-word version of the other F-word, the other S-word, even the K-word, and the other K-word. Nobody gives a S-word about the first K-word anymore. It is still included. As is the L-word, and the D-word version of the L-word.
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