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your equipment for the way of st james of compostella 2015-02-17

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The bag filled does not have to exceed 15 % of your weight.
A bag 50 liters - one 40/45 liters can do, the limited advantage the volume to be taken and thus the weight, the bag has to contain a label luggage.
CLOTHING: it will be a function of the season, we took the option of a typical bag for spring in France, in Spain.

-2 pairs of underpants (special sport), attention on elastics (rubber bands)!
-1 silk boxer shorts to be used under the pair of shorts in case of heating(warm-up).
- 3 pairs of special socks
-1 shirt short sleeve high neck with zipper
-1 shirt short sleeve or T-shirt
-1 light polar pullover, high neck, zipper
-1 polar jacket of the jacket goretex, often serves as pillow
- 1 blouse or T-shirt
-1 pair of shorts
-1 pants pair of shorts
-1 protection rain, 1 protection rain of backpack -1 cap or a hat, a scarf, a hat(cap).

-1 umbrella
- 1 sleeping bag 650gr, not compulsory: there are covers everywhere
- 1 knife with fork, spoon, opens box and corkscrew
- 1 pair of beach sandals, useful in case of bulbs
- 1 gourd attached to the side to be used by walking
- A small reserve of water in the bag
- 1 very small flashlight (to use the night in the holiday cottage)
- 1 very small lighter - a small heating electrode
- 1 thread (approximately 4m) and 6 small clothes pegs
- 1 small sewing kit
- 1 camera, its charger if battery(drum kit), diskette, key USB
- A little toilet paper
- Sunglasses and if need be view(sight)
- 1 stick of hike or 2 for the comfort and to relieve the joints(articulations)
- 1 mattress of foam ground the lightest possible
- 1 mobile phone, its charger - a watch
- 1 small log book for the thoughts - paper and pens

Optional: a small Swiss army knife in the bag, very useful for its scissors, tweezers, toothpick. A foil blanket, pushes away(repels) mosquitoes. Small gaiters, compass), one carries, map
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