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  1. Yodapsy

    Shengen Visa for U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card) Holder

    Hey Thanks Bajaracer, It looks like we were on the camino at the same time in 2013.
  2. Yodapsy

    Shengen Visa for U.S. Permanent Resident (Green Card) Holder

    My wife and I are planning on walking the Camino Portugues from Porto to Santiago in July of this year. I am a U.S. Citizen. She is Chinese and has a Green Card. Last time we walked (2013) we were both living in China and she did not have her Green Card yet and she had to get a Shengen Visa...
  3. Yodapsy

    Walking Poles- Emperors new clothing in stick form ?

    I am pretty sure that I wouldn’t have finished my Camino without hiking poles. They help distribute weight away from my flat feet and kept me from falling or slipping. I have rubber feet on the bottom of my Pacer Poles.
  4. Yodapsy

    Guitarist just before Astorga

    We saw this guy in July 2013. Seems like he has been there quite a while.
  5. Yodapsy

    The Best Song To represent The Camino

    As an old Deadhead, I second Ian's "Ripple." Some of my favorite songs for walking the camino: String Cheese Incident: The Road Home Cat Stevens: The Wind Grateful Dead: Dark Hollow Eagles: Peaceful Easy Feeling Jerry Garcia: Poor Wayfaring Stranger (old folk song) Grateful Dead; Been All...
  6. Yodapsy

    My moment at the Cruz de Ferro- a memorial

    Thanks for sharing the pics! Rob
  7. Yodapsy

    My moment at the Cruz de Ferro- a memorial

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. By the way, you have the coolest avatar on this forum by far!
  8. Yodapsy

    Need Help with Post Camino talk

    I recently gave a talk and many people were intrested in why I decided to do it. Think about your audience and what they might want. What woud you have wanted to know before you knew a lot about the Camino?
  9. Yodapsy

    Late sunrises and leaving early...how does that work?

    LOL!:D There is something very satisfying in this. I was at a yoga retreat once and the leader had me clean up around the center. She called this "Karma Yoga." It sounds like some good karma yoga was happening on the Norte!:):)
  10. Yodapsy

    Camino Books

    As a psychologist, this Buen Camino! is of great interest to me. The Camino changed my life, but not in the way I though it would and in a much more subtle way than I expected. I am quite interested in the difference between what people are expecting to happen on the Camino and what does...
  11. Yodapsy

    "There is no way to happiness; Happiness is the way."

    About 10 years ago I was goin through a tough time, when I came upon this quote from Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese Buddhist Monk: "There is no way to happiness; Happiness is the way." I often thought of this when I was not happy and it helped me remember that "doing" happiness is not the way...
  12. Yodapsy

    Late sunrises and leaving early...how does that work?

    Even in July this year, we were always able to find a bed until after Sarria. There was no need to race. Next time, I think we will do shorter stages after Sarria, so we can avoid racing. We would leave early but that was to avoid the intense heat not to race for a bed. 2 hours walked...
  13. Yodapsy

    Late sunrises and leaving early...how does that work?

    In my experience, the sun rises fairly late on the camino. That is partly due to European summer time and Spain's placement on the western side of the time zone. Now in mid-October I show the sun rising today at 8:20 am in Pamplona and at 8:48 am in Santiago de Compostela. When I was walking...
  14. Yodapsy

    What is the one Albergue that you would say not to miss

    Hands down Hospital de Peregrinos San Juan Bautista in Grañón. The facilities weren't that great but what wonderful hospitaleros and guests as well. We also met a wonderful pilgrim named Mariano ther this summer. He gave us several recommendations that were all wonderful places as well. Next...
  15. Yodapsy

    Need to stop reading this Forum

    We started our Camino from Pamplona on June 27th this year and got lost in Pamplona spending three hours looking for the post office. When we found the post office, it was less than a block away from the hostal we had stayed in the night before. I hurried my family down the road worried that...
  16. Yodapsy

    Backpacks as airplane carry-ons

    Angela, I flew with my wife and kids on the Vueling flight from SdC to Paris three weeks ago. Both of my kids carried on their 38L Osprey Kestrels and had no problems. Rob
  17. Yodapsy

    Pilgrims from Beijing

    My wife is Chinese and we were in Europe for 5 weeks, mostly on the Camino. You can contact me. Send your contact info through a private message. We live in E. Beijing near the Lido and Beijing United Hospital.
  18. Yodapsy

    Making sure we can see the Pilgrim Mass on the 24th.

    We did make it and showed up before 11. The cathedral was full by 11:05. Beautiful!
  19. Yodapsy

    Camino very busy now

    In the 700+k we walked from Pamplona to Santiago I don't think we ran into one demanding or rude peregrino. Given the comments above, perhaps we were very lucky. The staff of the albergues and hostels, the pilgrims, townspeople along the way, were for the most part polite despite what were...
  20. Yodapsy

    Camino very busy now

    All three towns were totally full. My wife and daughter actually got the last two beds in Morgade and we would have stayed anywhere with a bed. My son and I tried the three towns you mention with no luck. This was our first Camino, and we weren't prepared for the crowds in the last 150k.


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