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  • Geoff1951
    Geoff1951 liked RJM's post in the thread Coffee in Spain.
    All the coffee I had on the Camino was served in, for lack of better words, standard sized coffee cups. You can get cafe con leche, which is similar to au lait, or plain black coffee (cafe solo, or cafe Americano). Thank goodness no Starbucks or...
  • Bala
    Bala liked MichelleElynHogan's post in the thread 6 Words.
    Lord, I am in your hands.
  • Bala
    Bala liked shefollowsshells's post in the thread 6 Words.
    My story has to do with me convincing a gal here in the States why I was so thrilled with my upcoming plans to be walking my first Camino. She snarled at me in total disgust when I was smiling and saying how I couldn't wait!!!!! I said, "you...
  • davebugg
    davebugg replied to the thread Is 16 Too Young?.
    Rob, it took me a while to see it, but at the bottom of the list of new threads, on the right, is a button labeled "View More". Click on that button and the list expands to show all the new stuff. I missed the button until yesterday :rolleyes:
  • Bala
    Bala liked ivar's post in the thread Happy First birthday.
    Thank you! He is the greatest!
  • Camino Chris
    Yeah, I just opened a bottle of vino tinto from Rioja, shame on me.
  • Bala
    Bala liked Tincatinker's post in the thread Coffee in Spain.
    Oh man, you're worried about the coffee... Just wait till you hit the 'fries'. But hey 'its a foreign country, they do things differently there' :cool:
  • B
    Becky 59 replied to the thread Coffee in Spain.
    What about people like me who hate the taste of coffee and would like tea in the morning? (with hot steamed milk would be great.) Is that an option on the Camino?
  • Bala
    Bala liked scruffy1's post in the thread Coffee in Spain.
    One last word, The Mediterranean World, Egypt, here in Jerusalem and all Israel, Lebanon, Turkey, Greece (don't even consider asking for Turkish coffee here!), Bulgaria, Italy, Morocco, France, and Spain k-n-o-w how to make coffee! Don't argue...
  • Camino Chris
    Start out with 300 euros in your front pocket in 20's and smaller notes. Every week or so when you have access to an ATM take out another 300, try not to get 50's or walk inside the bank and exchange them for 20's. Never let yourself go below 100...


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