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  1. MikeJS

    Albergues - between Cadavo Baleira and Lugo, and Melide and O Pedruzo

    What Judy’s Way said - it is definitely the best I ever stayed in.
  2. MikeJS

    Poll When would you consider going back to the camino?

    When I can get sufficient insurance that covers the risk, and that applies to all of my holidays.
  3. MikeJS

    Ender’s Olvidado Guide in English

    Just a reminder that I did the Olvidado from Bilbao to the San Salvador at Buixa in Sept/Oct 19 (with much help from Laurie) - details here https://www.caminodesantiago.me/community/threads/starting-the-olvidado-on-sept-18-2019.64505/ and https://mikesroaming.blogspot.com
  4. MikeJS

    The Corfu Trail

    I came across this route on a UK TV programme and thought it sounded like a pleasant route to walk with my wife. There is some info on the web, for example - http://www.thecorfutrail.com . Only had a quick look so not sure yet about availability of accommodation yet. My wife would probably only...
  5. MikeJS

    Santiago to Oviedo

    Should not be a particular problem and I can see the attraction of just keeping on going! I would use a wikiloc track as you can choose which way to walk it. Also with wikiloc you do not have to keep looking at the phone as it will alert you if you are more than about 100m off track.
  6. MikeJS

    South Downs Way

    I too live very close to the SDW and walk stretches of it frequently. I have never tried to walk the whole length as accommodation options are surprisingly limited and mostly very expensive. I walked the North Downs Way with a friend a couple of years ago and the average accommodation cost was...
  7. MikeJS


    Still this can only be 24kms at most (if you stay at Samblismo which I very strongly recommend) so really not that much of an issue.
  8. MikeJS

    Olvidado and Invierno?

    It is a fabulous combination although a bit more of a challenge than some better know routes as accommodation is not as frequently available.
  9. MikeJS

    Camino Ucles —144 km into Madrid

    I walked the VdlP 4 years ago so do not want to repeat that. I prefer to walk new tracks with few people if I can.
  10. MikeJS

    Camino Ucles —144 km into Madrid

    I walked the Sureste 2 years ago so too similar!
  11. MikeJS

    Camino Ucles —144 km into Madrid

    Don’t want to walk the Lana as it terminates too far east and would then involve the Frances. At least with a Ucles/Madrid option I can then take the Invierno and avoid a lot of the Frances!
  12. MikeJS

    Camino Ucles —144 km into Madrid

    Thank you very much for that. I think that is the same track I copied in from Wikiloc above. I cannot imagine taking 11 days to walk 88kms…. As always, lesser known tracks are often a challenge to find accommodation at the stops you want especially as I would want to only take about 3 days.
  13. MikeJS

    Camino Ucles —144 km into Madrid

    I had to use google maps before so I am confident it can be done OK. Just need to see if I can wangle the extra time away! However, there is at least 1 route on wikiloc - https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/cuenca-ucles-24880026
  14. MikeJS

    Camino Ucles —144 km into Madrid

    Or even better start on the Lana and then head towards Ucles from Cuenca about 80 kms…...
  15. MikeJS

    level of difficulty of Primitivo vs Ingles Camino routes

    They are not strangers after the first night….
  16. MikeJS

    level of difficulty of Primitivo vs Ingles Camino routes

    Just goes to show how subjective it is - I found the Norte to be the most strenuous I have done and did not really notice anything difficult about the Primitivo when i walked it last year...
  17. MikeJS

    Forcing your dog, toddler, spouse to walk the Camino with you?

    I have never needed to ‘force’ my dog to take a walk!
  18. MikeJS

    Spanish language

    Say Hi works well. I had a ‘conversation’ using it with the 85 year old Spanish matriarch of an albergue I stayed in last year. Once she got over speaking to the smart phone she thought it was fabulous.
  19. MikeJS

    Spanish language

    I tend to gather a few more phrases every time I walk a camino and the Say Hi app helps enormously.
  20. MikeJS

    Starling Bank account or Revolut Pre-loaded Card?

    No charges with the account I have with Nationwide.

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