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  1. Mike Blackard

    A pandemic hobby

    Lots of gardening this spring. Planted a ton (over 100 4" pots) of Blue Star Creeper as ground cover in 4 ft wide planter beds along 200 ft. of fence in back yard. It has grown into a wonderful blanket, keeping out most of the weeds. The Hostas are getting so big, they are covering up all the...
  2. Mike Blackard

    Different Sarria World

    :cool:Pablo, You lucky dog! Buen Camino! ...and please (por favor) send lots more pictures each day including Santiago. It's almost July, I'm assuming it's sunny and hot- enjoy.
  3. Mike Blackard

    Beach in Spain

    Hi Terry, glad to see you back on the forum! Last year, after finishing the camino, and bussing to Finisterre, Muxia and Lugo, I rented a car and drove to Alicante & Benidorm. The beach was a little more crowded, but I did find a spot to lay down in the sun. After next camino (whenever that...
  4. Mike Blackard

    Ideas for equipment video

    Ivar, along the same lines of thought- currently we can attach files to our replies (photos). I wonder if we could send short (5 to 10 seconds) video clips? With today's smart phones this would be easy for pilgrims on the camino to send quick updates, questions, etc.
  5. Mike Blackard

    Toilet Paper Alternatives for Camino. . maybe?

    This idea is kind of on the same subject. I think you should have to buy the "Pilgrim's Passport". With it you are entitled to stay at Camino albergues for their typical fee. (should include muunicipals, privates, hotels - (if you want the pilgrim's discount),parrochials, monasteries...
  6. Mike Blackard

    Video John Brierley

    Ivar, Great interview. Really enjoyed it. Super idea- please do more. BTW, I agree with those that thought you should update your forum picture. I might not recognize you when I get back to Santiago. And while I appreciate your concern for letting pilgrims not share their own pictures if...
  7. Mike Blackard

    Video John Brierley

    Well come on man! Tell us where. At 70 my memory is starting to fade! Mike
  8. Mike Blackard

    What would you like to ask John Brierley?

    I love what John Brierley has created. I used his Camino Frances guide for my first camino in 2018 and again in 2019. Obviously my plans for 2020 are on hold. How does he update each Albergues prices each year? Does he call all of them? Do they call/write him? Has he ever considered...
  9. Mike Blackard

    Locations used in "The Way"

    Jenny, I totally agree with you. I think I will print all of Bert45's great research above and then watch the movie again. I think I saw the movie on TV (almost by accident) in 2014. It was good, but I think I liked it because I had grown up as a kid (6 to 16) in Madrid (Air Force brat) so I...
  10. Mike Blackard

    From Switzerland - the country that brought you Toblerone

    How cool is that ! ? ! ? I remember years ago in Madrid they had a light show, like a fountain of lights on some of the downtown buildings. I think they may have had music also. But to light up the Matterhorn!! ?? How do you even do this?
  11. Mike Blackard

    LIVE from the Camino Jakobsweg Rothenburg ob der Tauber nach Rottenburg am Neckar

    Great idea. I had booked a cruise to Rotterdam leaving Ft Lauderdale, Florida on April 5th. 2 week cruise on Holland America- should have been in the Azores today, From Rotterdam we had also booked a 2 week tour of Eastern Europe starting in Prague on April 24th. And then we were going to...
  12. Mike Blackard

    Wait! You joined the Forum in 2014 and are currently 82? That makes you 76 when you did your...

    Wait! You joined the Forum in 2014 and are currently 82? That makes you 76 when you did your first camino? ? ? I am impressed!!
  13. Mike Blackard

    COVID Albergues

    Hi Thomas, What can you tell me about your experience as a hospitalero? I'm hoping to volunteer as one later this fall.
  14. Mike Blackard

    2020 Camino Blanket

    Rachel, thanks for the fast response. So how much does this blanket weigh? I'm assuming one could roll it up pretty tight for backpacking. We were just in New Zealand about this time last year. Cruise from Brisbane to San Francisco via New Zealand, Tahiti, etc (41 glorious nights) with 3...
  15. Mike Blackard

    2020 Camino Blanket

    What a beautiful work of art. Was your design inspired by the electron microscope photos of the corona (crown) virus? Doesn't matter- It's obvious you put heart and soul into this project. At the risk of being ridiculed by all crocheters - can you do this with polyester, or nylon fibers? I'm...
  16. Mike Blackard

    Camino Primitivo - An Alternate Route

    Good on ya mate! Keep going! but.... after 14 days of solitude and not showing any symptoms, does not make it safe to resume your life and enjoy fellow humans. You won't know what their status is for sure until no one else is getting sick for at least two weeks. So if someone starts to show...
  17. Mike Blackard

    Historic photos of Camino Francés

    Yoyo, Great contribution to all of us. Thank you. I agree with Sue127 above. Also I was struck by how "lonely" the camino appears. Given that the first ever photo was taken in 1825, first camera made in 1865 by Johann Zahn, and George Eastman's "KODAK" camera using celluloid film was first...
  18. Mike Blackard

    New and Portable Music Device For Camino Walkers

    DARN ! I was really hoping this was going to show me some new possibilities for camino entertainment. I had been seriously thinking about looking for a small, very light weight saxophone I could bring on my next (3rd) camino - now postponed. I do not know how to read music. I do not know how...
  19. Mike Blackard

    What did pilgrims eat 1000 years ago? - do share simple recipes

    Terry, I would love to get on your mailing list. mike_blackard@hotmail.com I'm also interested in how pilgrims paid for food and lodging 1000 years ago. My understanding is that many pilgrims were making the pilgrimage to get a papal indulgence without having to pay lots of money to the Pope...
  20. Mike Blackard

    Photo Book

    photo of DIGITAL PHOTO FRAME on kitchen counter

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