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  1. Mettetäti

    This map is GREAT!!!

    I am happy having been able to order one!! Thank you for the message, I reacted immediately 😊
  2. Mettetäti

    COVID Anyone in Spain now have a guess on the planned opening of businesses again?

    Here in Finland our news also tell that about Spain: that the travelling services will be closed until the end of this year. I would have been in Santiago now, today, after finishing Camino ingles. Maybe next year, or the next...
  3. Mettetäti

    Part 2 A journey on the Camino de Santiago / Camino Frances

    WONDERFULL! 😊👍👍 Thank you for sharing!
  4. Mettetäti

    Cancelation Insurance due to Coronavirus

    My travel insurance has a crisis term, which covers epidemic situation and I can cancel my journey 48 hours before travelling. Unfortunately this company operates only in Scandinavia, but surely there must be some others too.
  5. Mettetäti

    HELP! (Shoe advice) April 2020

    Yes, I have. A product of Woly, it works quite well. The shoes are not waterproof, but can hold longer and are easier to clean from mud. Good idea.
  6. Mettetäti

    HELP! (Shoe advice) April 2020

    I had Merrells last spring, waterproof yes but too hard on those hard paths. I had terrible knee problems. This year I'll go with much softer and no waterproof Halti shoes. So, my vote to Hoka 👍
  7. Mettetäti

    Solitude, flexibility, & budget on the Camino?

    The couple "Stingy Nomads", Anya and Campbell, have a great video (actually many!) in YouTube about budget of 20, 30 or 40 euros per day on camino: "Camino de Santiago cost". You'll get valuable hints from their videos 😊
  8. Mettetäti

    The CELL PHONE Pilgrims!

    In Finland Everybody has a cellphone, kids get the first one before they start school. We use phone to contact others, to buy things, to order food, pay bills, watch videos (of camino!), take pictures, send messages, book hotels, doctor's appointments or use services like tax or social...
  9. Mettetäti

    newcomer packing list

    I would have a light sleeping bag in May, specially if you are usually cold. The houses can be cold, even there is already warm outside. I had a sleeping bag in last May, it weighs 600 g and can be used as blanket too. Perfect! Buen Camino 🙋🏻‍♀️
  10. Mettetäti

    Transfers from Burgos Airport to Castrojeriz

    Yes, we stayed there for two nights in 2018 when my sister could not walk due to leg and heart problems. I loved the place 😊 Buen Camino!
  11. Mettetäti

    Transfers from Burgos Airport to Castrojeriz

    And while in Castrojeriz, try Albergue Rosalia ❤
  12. Mettetäti

    Problems with Carry-on Back Packs

    Even if you somehow miraculously could get those Items to Spain in your carry on backbag, they'll take them away as you leave Spain. So, you've had many good advice here already 😊👍
  13. Mettetäti

    Walking in cooler temperatures.

    Thank you 😊👍 So valuable information! I live in Finland and we get used to deal with cold, but the cold on camino is different. Thanks.
  14. Mettetäti

    A 'One Word' Why?

  15. Mettetäti

    Second Opinion Update Anniesantiago

    Wonderful! So good news and I think you are making Wise decisions there 👍👍
  16. Mettetäti

    Women over 60 who DON'T take a sleeping bag...

    I'll answer to you after three more years, because I'm not 60 yet 🐔
  17. Mettetäti

    some advice

    I had Salomon Goretex boots in April 2018 on Frances. They were very good and my feet never got wet, even when we walked in rain or deep mud for days. BUT they are so heavy and so hot! I must say I left them behind and bought lighter shoes. I think Goretex is too much in spring, but great in...
  18. Mettetäti

    Explain your forum Avatar (name and picture).

    My avatar has my first name Mette and 'täti' which means 'aunt' in Finland. So I'm Aunt Mette, a heavily middle-aged woman 👵🖐
  19. Mettetäti

    What 'Camino' Food do you Now eat at Home?

    Well, Spain is not France 😉 The food was not so special and sometimes it was just bad, but now I have aioli with french fries. I had never tried that before, it's good!
  20. Mettetäti

    How Hot is Too Hot for You? (NOT a Poll)

    I come from Finland where we don't get used to be in hot weather and most of us have very white skin. On meseta, above 25 °C I struggled. In forests it was ok, but on open road it was too much. I had to wear long sleeves and pants to protect my skin and it felt very hot. I'd rather walk in cold...

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