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  1. Gabe

    Comment by 'Gabe' in media 'Pulpo'

    @TD Justus You certainly should!:) You will start to see it towards the end of your trek once you get into Galicia.
  2. Gabe

    Getting The Time Off To Walk

    When in doubt blackmail always works haha!:)
  3. Gabe

    Comment by 'Gabe' in media 'Botas'

    @SabineP It is! Good eye:)
  4. Gabe

    Getting The Time Off To Walk

    Thanks Domigee:) My wife is a school psychologist so I am always so jealous of her (well deserved) summers off:)
  5. Gabe

    Getting The Time Off To Walk

    I am thinking about hiking sections as well when I can get away, until I can become self-employed, so I can walk all the time. That is the dream:)
  6. Gabe

    Getting The Time Off To Walk

    Thanks Rob!
  7. Gabe

    Getting The Time Off To Walk

    Hi Everyone, I walked the the Camino Frances in 2014 and am now trying to plan to return, and also hike some other long distance treks in the world. But it is so hard to get the time to do it. The first time I walked the Camino I just took a month off, unpaid, but now that is not an option. I...
  8. Botas


  9. Queimada!


    Fire drink of Galica....
  10. Gabe

    Comment by 'Gabe' in media 'Pulpo'

    Haha me too!
  11. Pulpo


    Mmmm .. pulpo and clara con limon ...
  12. Gabe

    Comment by 'Gabe' in media 'Crossing the Pyrenees'

    @Peter Fransiscus Thanks so much. Buen Camino!
  13. Gabe

    Comment by 'Gabe' in media 'Crossing the Pyrenees'

    Day 1. Man I miss this:)
  14. Crossing the Pyrenees

    Crossing the Pyrenees

    Trail Marker Day 1
  15. Gabe

    You know it's too heavy, but you pack it anyway

    A huge heavy converter so I could charge my phone. It was ridiculous but my being cheap, or as I like to say, thrifty, kept me from upgrading my technology from the 90's to the lighter weight outlet converters you can get today.:)
  16. Gabe

    Packing tips and favorite items - what's yours?

    Wooden Clothespins - You will need them to dry your clothes either at albergues or pinning wet clothing to the outside of your pack to dry as you walk in the morning:)
  17. Gabe

    any moments of "what the heck am I doing here" ?

    On day 3 I woke up to a swollen knee and a tingling, swollen achilles heel that was throbbing. I most definitely thought what the heck am I doing here haha! I think most people do. But, took it day by day, as in life and somehow the Camino provided what I needed to help me find my way:) Through...
  18. Gabe

    Start Date

    Hi Bob! I would advise late April/May if those are your choices. Weather will be better and crowds will be just fine. Biggest crowds surge in August. Leon is a GREAT place to stop in the middle, beautiful city and great place to rest:) Will work well with your 23 day split. I hope that helps a...
  19. Gabe

    Money on Camino....

    I lived in Spain for 2 years (I am from USA) and walked the Camino. Amex is useless in Spain, especially on the Camino. Visa is best. I kept about 150 euros on me and then hit ATM's in the bigger cities which worked out fine. ATMs are everywhere and easily accessible. It is almost impossible to...
  20. Gabe

    Camino Frances 2016

    Hi Rayaqui! My wife and I chose June for 2 reasons. One was for the weather. June is warm but not the hottest month that you can walk which is August. We also chose June to avoid the largest crowds which come to the Camino de Santiago in August. So based on my experience I would say June. This...