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  1. Richard Ray

    Pilgrimage Lessons from the Camino de Santiago

    Here's a short reflection on lessons from the Camino
  2. Richard Ray

    May 1 Hendaye to Bayonne Bus?

    Does anyone know if the 816 bus from Hendaye to Bayonne runs on May 1? If so, how late does it run from Hendare gare? We arrive at San Sebastian airport at 5:55 pm. Thanks for any help.
  3. Richard Ray

    Route from San Sebastian/Irun to Pamplona?

    Does anyone know of an established walking route from San Sebastian or Irun to Pamplona (for the purpose of connecting to the CF)? If so, is it waymarked with albergues? Thanks for any help.
  4. Richard Ray

    San Sebastian to SJPdP?

    I'm planning a May 2019 pilgrimage from SJPdP to Santiago. I'll be flying into Barcelona, taking a cheap flight to San Sebastian and then making my way to SJPdP. My thinking is to transit from San Sebastian airport to Hendaye, train from Hendaye to Bayonne, stay overnight in Bayonne, and then...
  5. Richard Ray

    Post-Camino Vacation Advice Sought

    Hoping to walk my second camino in May 2019. Hoping to have my wife meet me in SdC. It will be our 40th wedding anniversary. Looking to treat ourselves to a week's vacation at some seaside village in Spain or Portugal. Any locations/hotels anyone can recommend?
  6. Richard Ray

    Missing Man?

    When walking the CF in Sep-Oct 2016 I often saw notices about a missing person - Dominique Radenac. Does anyone know what became of this man?
  7. Richard Ray

    Take me to Compostela: A Camino Poem

    Take me to Compostela: A Camino Poem
  8. Richard Ray

    Albergue Blues (A Camino Song)

    I grew sick of albergues by the time I finished the Camino Frances in 2016. I made up these lyrics to the tune of “Long Tall Mama Blues" by Jimmy Rogers () while walking one day: I been a-walkin' all over Spain Ain't used a car, a bus, or a train I've walked holes in both my hikin' shoes. At...
  9. Richard Ray

    A Camino Song

    (Sung to the tune of "Hello Mutha, Hello Fatha") Hello Muthah, Hello Fathah Just walked outa' Ponferrada This hill's a killah Makes my lungs hollah Hope my heart don't explode before La Faba Loving Bruthah, Dearest Sistah This mountain trail gave me a blistah It's fullah horse crap It's...
  10. Richard Ray

    A Camino Poem

    Dusty roads, take me to Compostela. City streets, take me to Compostela. Forest trails, take me to Compostela. Country lanes, take me to Compostela. Rocky paths, take me to Compostela. Gravel tracks, take me to Compostela. Muddy traces, take me to Compostela. Steepest hills, take me to...
  11. Richard Ray

    Advice for Starting a Local "Friends of the Camino" Group

    I've been giving some thought to trying to create a forum for Camino pilgrims who live in West Michigan (USA). I'd be interested in learning how others who have done something similar in their communities have approached the task. How did you develop your list of pilgrims to whom you could...
  12. Richard Ray

    Finesterre to Muxia Wayfinding

    Just finished the Camino in Santiago de Compostela, and now plan to walk from Finesterre to Muxia. Is the route marked with the same yellow arrows as the French Way. Something different? Not at all? Thanks for any help you can provide about this route. Rich
  13. Richard Ray

    Forest Fires in Galicia

    U.S news is starting to report on Galician forest fires. Any fire activity along/near the CF?
  14. Richard Ray

    Present State of Wayfinding - Valcarlos Route

    My friend and I plan to walk the CF beginning September 8 or so leaving from St Jean. We want to "ease" into the walk a bit and have decided to take the Valcarlos route over two days. I've read several threads about this route, with some indicating that the path is poorly marked and the trails...
  15. Richard Ray

    September-October Camino?

    A friend and I are hoping to begin from St. Jean in September. Our thinking is that we might avoid the worst of the summer heat and crowds. True? I'd like to hear back from others who have walked in the Fall to get their perspective. Thanks. Rich