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Silver Oxide Camino de Santiago pendent
Camino de Santiago pendent that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.

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  1. Travellingman

    Crossing from France to Spain.

    Further to posts on another thread, has anyone recent experience of travelling by land between France and Spain? Arrivals by air have to complete entry form, with contact details, flight number etc - I am booked to land Biarritz airport, then bus to Pamplona via San Sebastian. At present France...
  2. Travellingman

    For Sale Rab Alpine Bivvi bag

    Waterproof,breathable single shelter. Hi spec,brand new,unused. Forced sale due to disability. New price £220, accept around £150.
  3. Travellingman

    Never again

    The other side of the camino Baztan experience. Well, I've walked the Frances 3 times, the Ingles 4, and the Portuguese, but this is far and away the WORST walk ever. OK, the first bit along the Nive from Bayonne was nice, but after Ustarlitz the arrows were very sparse, the guidebook even...
  4. Travellingman

    Living on the Camino

    I touched on this in another thread sometime ago, so... Have any of you experienced pilgrims ever encountered anyone actually "living on the camino", ie, walking full time in Spain on the pilgrim paths? I did meet a German a couple years ago, who had been walking the Frances and working as...
  5. Travellingman

    For Sale Camino book

    "The Roads to Santiago", by Derry Brabbs. Hardback, as new. £25-00 incl UK delivery. (Probably too heavy to post elsewhere)
  6. Travellingman

    Living on the camino/long term pilgrimage

    I seem to recall reading somewhere on here about a ?Polish? woman who'd walked/wild camped the caminos for years and years. On my walks I have seen others who are apparently doing some kind of long term/permanent walk - any of you seen/heard/know about anyone who has done/ doing similar stuff? I...
  7. Travellingman

    Top bunk, bottom bunk?

    I've put this on the Frances board, as that's where I've walked the most. So, as a mature pilgrim, who has slept in many albergues along the route, my preference is obviously for the lower bed in a bunkhouse dorm,preferably in the corner, as most pilgrims would agree. However, as I'm male, and...
  8. Travellingman

    Security at Santiago airport

    Well, don't even think about trying to sneak walking poles through as carry on baggage. My rucsac was pulled after going through the scanner, and I had to unpack it all. Reason: would you believe, my 18cm long pieces of wood making up the frame for the cross stitch embroidery I do in the...
  9. Travellingman

    Possible Missing Pilgrim

    Well, this has been touched on in another thread, but recent developments have given cause for concern. Has anyone seen or heard of (NAME REMOVED now assumed safe) - last heard of in Pamplona around June 12th? Her facebook video is on the Camino Frances board, under, "Has anyone seen this...
  10. Travellingman

    Exciting new development

  11. Travellingman

    10 hours in Madrid

    I arrive at Barajas Airport 1100hrs May 7th, and leave on Tren Hotel from Chamartin 2230hrs the same day. So, about 10 hours to pass in Madrid. I have done the Open-top bus tour of the city on a previous visit - any other suggestions for passing the time would be welcome. Nothing too strenuous...
  12. Travellingman

    [Joke] Urgent announcement

    Further to the edict of March 2012 by the Central Camino Authorities, weight restrictions on the Camino Frances will now be rigorously enforced. Due to extreme erosion on parts of the camino, the weight of pilgrim plus pack will be assessed at frequent checkpoints - any excess above 75...
  13. Travellingman

    New certificates etc

    Well, we'll all be needing a larger pack soon, with the plethora of new credentials and certificates being issued on arrival at Santiago. Sign of the times, I guess - "Proof that I've actually DONE SOMETHING". Do we really need all this stuff? Given that The Camino is (supposedly) about a...