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  1. Mariy

    If you want a Compostela - plan extra time

    I had a different experience getting my Compostela. I walked with a group (from my Parish) and the morning after we arrived in SDC our credentials were collected and we were told to come to the Pilgrim Office at 1 PM to collect our Compostela. We were directed to go to the second floor and were...
  2. Mariy

    Shopping (some regret)

    Same thing happened to me, I passed on some souvenirs that was specific to the Portuguese Way and thought I'd find them in Santiago. Spent a lot of time in Santiago looking but never found it. Even asked one of the stores and was told that some shops design their own t-shirts and souvenirs.
  3. Mariy

    Pilgrim stabbed and attacked at knife point after Sacavem, was able to escape

    So sorry to hear that this happened to AB and Yohan and probably many more women who has not come forward with their experience. I hope the person(s) is caught and justice is served.
  4. Mariy

    What's your earliest Camino connection?

    I learned about the Camino from reading a book back in high school. I was fascinated with the concept but didn't think I could ever walk it. Then my former boss took a sabbatical to walk from Saint Jean Pied de Port and he would send us updates almost everyday. He said it was the best travel...
  5. Mariy

    Trail runners: Altra or Brooks, or Hoka????

    Yes, this is late but I used Altra Lone Peak 4 on my Camino with no issues. Socks are also very important, I got a blister not from my shoes but by wearing the wrong socks. I was constantly looking at shoes worn in the Camino and I saw many wearing Salomon, Hoka One One and Merills.
  6. Mariy

    Is Braga worth a detour

    Took a quick trip to Braga on the way to Tui to see the Bom Jesus and it was totally worth it. Stunning views and beautiful church.
  7. Mariy

    Camino Portugues - Tui to O Porriño

    I took the Industrial road route on a hot September day. It was brutal but my group just wanted to get to our hotel and rest. No shade, dusty because of construction and no place to sit and rest. Out of 34 people in our group only 3 took the Complimentario route. That Industrial Road still gives...
  8. Mariy

    If You Only Had Time To Spend In One City: Porto vs. Lisbon

    Another vote for Porto!
  9. Mariy

    Camino on a Wheelchair

    A part of the trail after Arcade is going uphill on large boulders which would be very difficult to maneuver with a wheelchair. I personally didn't encounter anyone on a wheelchair during my Camino but I did encounter a man pulling/pushing a cart with camping equipment. Pilgrims were very...
  10. Mariy

    Advise to the beginner

    The first two weeks of September is still pretty warm. Try to get a few practice walks in, gradually increase the distance as you get more comfortable. How many days do you want to walk? Porto is a good starting point.
  11. Mariy

    Blister and injury prevention

    Having the right shoes in my case Altra Lone Peak 4 waterproof, and double socks like Wrightsocks. Treating a blister as soon as it happens with moleskin and second skin liquid bandaid.
  12. Mariy

    Are you thinking to walk the Camino (the way of the Saint James) again?

    Hopefully in 2021 from Sarria to SDC.
  13. Mariy

    CP Rest Day?

    We stopped at Braga on our way to Tui and really enjoyed visiting the Bom Jesus. There are many churches in the area but Bom Jesus was definitely the highlight. Tui is nice and charming, after staying in smaller towns, it was nice to walk into a city environment like Pontevedra.
  14. Mariy

    Planning to walk from Tui in early March

    That was the route I took in September. Our hotels were pre-booked so cannot help you with the albergues, although we did pass a really nice one in the town of Tui (sorry don't remember the name). Started at the 118 km mark which was just outside our hotel.
  15. Mariy

    Who Bought Lone Peak 4.0? (Currently discussing 4.5!)

    Wore the Lone Peak 4 waterproof version on the Camino without any problems. Even when my feet swelled up, or when wearing double socks, my feet still had room.
  16. Mariy

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Los Angeles
  17. Mariy

    How do you prepare for the faith journey of the Camino?

    I walked the Camino with people from my parish. We had a pre-departure meeting and were given suggestions on how to prepare spiritually for the trip. Here are some suggestions: 1. Everyday meditate or reflect on 1 thing while you walk. Pick up a stone and pray for 1 person between markers and...
  18. Mariy

    Pre-Camino blues?

    Pre-camino blues was more about anxienty because it's was my first one. Post-Camino is harder, because you just want to go back and do it again.
  19. Mariy

    Waterfall near Caldas de Reis

    Visited Rio Barosa on our way to Caldas de Rei, it was a nice break after walking in the September heat. When we were there they were setting up for a wedding, also very popular with families having a picnic.