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  1. OzAnnie

    Uncollected parcels in Santiago

    I was wondering if anyone had sent a parcel ahead to Santiago whilst on the camino recently but have had to return home due to Coronavirus and parcel will be still there. My parcel was mailed from Madrid to my accommodation in Santiago. (Hospedería San Martín Pinario ) . Fortunately- it will...
  2. OzAnnie

    LIVE from the Camino OzAnnie jumps on Levante from Toledo (with help from friends )

    Note from the mods. If anyone wants to see how and why Annie changed her original plan to walk the Francigena to a last minute decision to go to Spain, see this earlier thread Day 1. Thursday 5 mar 2020 - just checking in!! Made it to Torrijos- but it tore the stuffing out of me .. tired...
  3. OzAnnie

    Changing plans - landed Madrid Monday 2 march 2020

    Note from the mods. I have locked this thread because Annie has now moved onto the Levante and is posting LIVE here Hi I can’t put this question in a particular section as I’m looking for ideas. My plan until a few days ago was to be in Italy today until March 19. I was going to arrive in...
  4. OzAnnie

    Rain protection - ( Overkill ? or cut back to save some weight?)

    I’m walking in March ( first in Italy ) then the Sanabrés from March 20. I’m trying to reduce pack weight as I’ve got a back problem. I’ve got 3 types of poncho to choose from, Altus poncho ; sea 2 summit ultra sil tarp poncho; and Frogg toggs poncho. So I don’t want poncho recommendations...
  5. OzAnnie

    Siena to Rome -March 4 -18 (2020)

    Is there likely to be a possibility of snow on any part/s of this stretch /Siena to Rome in March ? First time ‘walking’ in Italy and not familiar with weather or terrain on the above stretch. Hoping 15 days will be enough for me. I’m expecting it to be cold and have looked up average...
  6. OzAnnie

    Sanabrés from March 20

    Hi I’m returning to complete the way to sdc.which I started in apr2019 from Sevilla. I’m picking it up from Tábara on the Sanabrés and I haven’t got a clue whether there is a ‘possibility’ of areas that may have ‘Snow’ problems. I’m expecting it to be very chilly but would like to know whether...
  7. OzAnnie

    Annie’s partial Vdlp apr/may 2019

    I’ve just walked into Almadén de la Plata around midday today - it’s day 3 for me and feel it’s time I added a little to this Vdlp section. Arrived Friday afternoon in Sevilla airport. The bus to town E4 is to the left exiting the airport. Many stops - I got out at final stop ‘Plaza de Armas’...
  8. OzAnnie

    Oliva de Placencia albergue

    It seems that making sure places are open on this route is common . I’ve been following the posts of a Russian pilgrim on the fb group. ‘ walking guide to Via de la plata’ Ray Uzhegova had found albergue Oliva de Placencia, closed - but was offered a ride to alternative...
  9. OzAnnie

    Accommodation costs Seville surprise to me

    As I plan to be somewhere on the VdlP during Semana Santa 2019, I have been scratching out a list of my rough stages. I purposely planned to arrive in Seville over a week ' before' the start of the holy week to avoid the higher costs anticipated over Easter. During my researching I had been...
  10. OzAnnie

    Ready to look at new footwear for Camino

    Previously a boot wearer., but have read lots of favourable info on the forum regarding Hoka one ones and also Altra lone peak trail shoes ., I intend to include a mission to REI when I visit USA in a couple of weeks. They both ‘sound’ comfortable., but I realise the bottom line., they will...
  11. OzAnnie

    Flower (spring ?) camino -

    Hi I’m hoping to make a start on the VDLP in spring 2019. I would really like to time some of the walk to see flowers or at least red poppies in bloom ‘somewhere along the way’. (Hope I find what I’m looking for ) as soon as I thought these words I remembered they are from Dan Mullins’ new...
  12. OzAnnie

    Conditions around Poladura

    Passing on info received April 9 2018 re conditions Jill salt sent me the pic below via ‘whatsapp’ and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind me updating anyone on the forum. Her attached message was: 3 snowed in at Poladura and working out their plan B The pic shows the path between Buiza and Poladura...
  13. OzAnnie

    OzAnnie's Camino de Madrid -- March 2018

    Thursday 22 March. Madrid morning very cold even with gloves on. Blue sky was encouraging and sun warming my face in Puerta Del sol was fitting. After leisurely start / breakfast and overdose of cafe con leche, I posted gear from Correos in El Corte Inglés (at sol) ahead to Santiago for...
  14. OzAnnie

    Plug for Europe

    Hi I recently read somewhere on forum ? That in Spain they use the plug for Southern Europe. Are there different wall socket plugs for northern Spain ? I bought the Europe plug to connect to iPhone in Spain 2 years ago and don’t need to carry the additional adapter from Australia as I only...
  15. OzAnnie

    Start Invierno 6 April 18

    Hi Invierno pilgrims. I’m hoping to start from Ponferrada around 6 April 18. , (after I finish Camino de Madrid )., so a day either side is possible. After current weather , i am expecting to get wet feet at least. I have printed out the new 2018 Invierno guide recently put up in resources...
  16. OzAnnie

    frequency of trains daily between Sahagun and Ponferrada ?

    Is anyone able to view the train schedule between these two points for me please? I was recently looking at an old thread where @falcon269 mentioned clicking on the map against the train or bus icon to bring up the times. Doing this., it comes up with a note that the train runs only once a...
  17. OzAnnie

    Train question - Sahagún to Ponferrada

    Hi Can anyone advise whether it is necessary to book in advance for trip between Sahagún and Ponferrada? Not exact yet on date arriving in Sahagún at completion of CdMadrid; and need to catch train to start point of the Invierno. Has anyone bought a ticket on the travel day ? Otherwise., I...
  18. OzAnnie

    Feve train to Ferrol from Grado

    Hi to all I would like to purchase my Feve ticket from Grado to Ferrol for date of 16 June 2016. I have been to the estacion de trenes (Grado ) twice now and can't catch a human at the window. There is a machine but very difficult for me to comprehend. It doesn't appear to give option to...
  19. OzAnnie

    Unofficial credencial

    I'm volunteeribg as hospitalera at the moment (donativo Albergue 'Villa de Grado ) on the Primitivo route. I've seen a fair number of pilgrims arrive with 'free' credentials received from turismo in Oviedo or Grado. As Grado can be day 1 for many starting in Oviedo we do have a supply of...
  20. OzAnnie

    ? Getting to Ferrol from Oviedo?

    Hi Could anyone provide advice on how to get from Oviedo to Ferrol please. I'm volunteering at Grado on the Primitivo for first half of June - (so will get back to Oviedo after that I guess )and had thought of walking the Inglés and possibly to Finistere. - if that route is too roundabout to...